Lone candidate from Samar Gewog to contest for NC, Haa    

A lawyer by profession with a philanthropic streak, Ngawang Tobgay, is the only candidate from his gewog who has come out as a National Council (NC) aspirant candidate from Haa.

Twenty eight year old Ngawang Tobgay is from Langpa-Nobgang village, Samar Gewog in Haa.

Talking about his intention to join the council, he said that he wants to contribute toward strengthening the house of law.

Ngawang Tobgay holds a Bachelor’s degree in law from Diwan Law College in India and he also did a post graduate diploma in national law from the Royal Institute of Management in Thimphu.

Since his childhood, he was always interested to serve the nation and being a law student, he wants to empower people with knowledge about the laws and acts that are enacted.

“I am interested to be a pioneer and I love inspiring individuals. I am also into helping others especially those in need,” Ngawang Tobgay said, adding that his main reason to join politics is to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum.

He said that if elected he want to set up two legal offices within 50 days in his constituency where the office will promote mediators (Nang Kha Nang Dri) to resolve disputes among the people.

Prior to joining politics, Ngawang Tobgay along with his two friends organized free coaching classes for graduates appearing preliminary examinations by helping poor students who could not pay the coaching fees.

He also organized free coaching classes for 150 graduates who appeared for the main civil service examinations.

In the near future, he wants to coach graduates who want to sit for the civil service exams across the country.

Additionally, Ngawang Tobgay said: “I also have close acquaintance with the people of my constituency as I do social service in my gewog and I will not only serve the people of Haa but the entire nation.”

According to him, he had always been keen to participate in the council elections and to serve the country and people beyond the responsibility and the position of being a councilor.

He also has ideas and goals to bring new and innovative changes to Haa and wants to play a major role in reviewing the laws of the country.

Meanwhile, Ngawang Tobgay said that with full support from his family, village people and well-wishers, he believes that his decision to join NC is a good move.

“By contesting for NC, I am giving my people a choice so that they can elect the best candidate who can serve the community and fulfill their needs,” he said.

Jigme Wangchen from Thimphu