Former teacher who believes in unconventional leadership to contest council elections

Leadership for a difference, breaking barriers and building a future is what 34-year-old Jamtsho believes in.  The former school teacher and business entrepreneur is contesting for the first time as an aspirant candidate for the upcoming National Council (NC) elections in 2018 from Thimphu Dzongkhag.

For Jamtsho, contesting for NC was not a sudden decision but a culmination of his close observance of the functioning of democratically elected leaders for the last decade.

“As I venture on this journey to take on responsibilities, I pledge to be a standard bearer of moral values by holding myself to the highest ethical standards to ensure the public trust in me,” said Jamtsho, “Should I be elected it will be an opportunity to prove my worth to the voters and the nation.

Jamtsho completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications from Mangalore University.

According to him, he wants to contest for NC because it has the authority to review the government policies and programs and it is a part of the legislative body with the main mandate to make good legislation.

Jamtsho suggests that when NC reviews government policies and programs, the council should consider almost every state function starting from the community level to the national level since he believes that community vitality, neighborhood fraternity, and friendship bonding are embedded in the unique Bhutanese set up and are values practiced since time immemorial.

“Thus, we should continue to preserve our unique culture for generations and it would be great honor for me to serve my community and society at large, if I am given the opportunity to serve as a councilor,” he said.

Believing he can do a lot to bridge the cohesive relationship among all concerned institutions with a focus to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum, he also wants to address issues and concerns related to nation building by interacting with youths, farmers, private concerned institutions, local government, dzongkhag administration, judiciary and other relevant authorities.

“I want to represent Thimphu Dzongkhag as an efficient parliamentarian,” he adds.

According to Jamtsho, he is good in dealing with the public and since the Council’s major role is to act as a house of review, he is clear about the legal system, government policies and many more.

However, he fears that Thimphu Dzongkhag voters know little about his capabilities as he worked in a different Dzongkhag and never had an opportunity to work or interact much with the voters from his constituency, Thimphu.

“Elected leaders must never forget their voters even after getting elected. Candidates should not only be showing their faces during the campaign and voting time making impossible promises to garner votes but they should always remember their people even after getting elected,” he said.

If elected, he intends not just to lead but to be an approachable and responsible representative by listening and most importantly responding to the needs of the society.

“I pledge to work hard to build an impressive legislative portfolio that will reflect the moral values of the residents of Thimphu Dzongkhag and the country as a whole.”

Pema Seldon from Thimphu