An incumbent against two new aspirants in the Lotus of Happiness

An incumbent against two new aspirants in the Lotus of Happiness

Pemagatshel – literally meaning the Lotus of Hapiness has three aspiring candidates for the National Council (NC) and the public debate held on 22nd March, 2023, saw all three stating that they would review current laws and policies, while ensuring that the laws benefit the people.

The incumbent, 52-year- old Choining Dorji from Yangmalashing under Dechheling gewog in Pemagatshel, has a legal background and  worked over 24 years in private sector, corporate world, civil service and parliament as a general counsel, chief legal officer, senior legal officer and parliament, amongst others. 

In the debate, Choining pledged to support the review of any policy that serves the country and the people and amendment of certain existing laws. He also said that certain new laws will be made to address the problems faced the people daily including the limitation law, civil liability bill, mines and minerals bill and impeachment procedures bill.

The pledge also included help to constituents in legal matters, requesting the government to examine any law, decision or policy’s necessity, assist in development activities, to call ministers’ attention to any matter of urgent public importance, amongst others.

Choining Dorji said that with the experience and the qualification that he holds, he is once more contesting in the upcoming National Council (NC) election.

Similarly, 34-year-old Jamyang Namgyal from Nangkor under Shumar gewog in Pemagatshel, who has served as a statistical analyst and Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer with Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock over 10 years made his speech and pledges.

With the slogan ‘towards dynamic policies for a prosperous society,’ Jamyang pledged to promote technology adaptation, organic agriculture and export facilitation, support community initiatives and cultural education in formal education system, education for the employment and empowerment; promoting enterprises to be bridges between bureaucracy, Bhutanese and Bhutan.

Jamyang Namgyal said, “My campaign’s slogan ‘dynamic policies for a prosperous society’ reflects my vision of building a society that is inclusive, resilient and prosperous  and I firmly believe that progress can only be achieved through collaboration, working on common goals which I will listen the concerns of the people and will be accessible for them.”

Jamyang said that there are many policies that need review and reforms to align with the transformation process however his priorities is on agriculture, education, economy and to re-deliberate the mines and minerals bill 2020.

Yeshey Jamtsho, 49, from Nanong gewog under Pemagatshel has served in the Bhutan Development Bank Limited (BDBL) for about 25 years before becoming an aspiring NC candidate. He has a Master degree in banking and finance from AIT, Thailand.

Yeshey during his public debate shared that he will review the current policy of the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) regarding the Non-performing loan (NPL) so as to give a clear picture of NPL as many people are confused with the terms and conditions of NPL.

Reviewing of the policy for the benefit to the people and to help the people understand the laws and policies of the country is also one of the pledges of Yeshey Jamtsho. “I will help those persons facing problems due to lack of understanding the laws and policies in the country,” Yeshey said, during the public debate. Yeshey also shared that his pledge also includes increasing the load capacity of the trucks to benefit the drivers and the owners.

Sherab Dorji from Thimphu