Samtse NC candidates pledge to reviews laws and policies to benefit people

Samtse NC candidates pledge to reviews laws and policies to benefit people

Fighting for the lone chair of National Council (NC) member from Samtse are eight candidates. While they differ in some of their pledges, all pledge to amend existing laws and enact new ones based on need, which would ultimately benefit people.

This was conveyed during their recent debate. All said that their objectives are to serve people with the formulation laws and policies, easing and making convenient public services through digitalization. The candidates also pledged about economic development plans, while carrying out legislative function.

Coming from the education sector with 11 years of experiences, Kumar Ghalley, 37, from Pemaling gewog said he wants to support farmers and cut down the poverty rate, solve unemployment problems through proper policies and plans. “Irrelevant policies will be reviewed by consulting concern ministries and agencies and long process services will be simplified and made convenient going digitally,” he said.

A former TV producer, Chungdu Tshering, 41 from Samtse gewog wants to review and comment on the policies, plans and programmes of the government and review issues of national importance.

Til Chand Sharma from Samtse throm, an assistant IT Officer under Jaiprakash Associates Ltd., Mangdechu Hydroelectric Project is contesting to serve the community, contribute to public policy, and represent the constituency’s interests. “I will contribute to amend and review the existing laws and make it more feasible and suitable for the coming future,” he pledged.

Samir Giri from Tashichhoeling gewog who served in the tourism hospitality industry said he will work to address human wildlife conflict and the need to consider the import of labour for agriculture works, export of agriculture products to third country markets. “I feel there are lot of area which needs proper review, specially related to agriculture,” he said.

Former lecturer of Royal Thimphu College, Subash Sharma from Norboogang gewog pledged to work to promote economic growth, technological and agricultural development by empowering youth, women, senior citizens, children and differently abled citizens.

With dignity and honour, Pol Prasad Chapagai from Duenchhukha gewog pledged to review policies to enable private sector participation for the equitable growth to fulfill the vision of Gross National Happiness besides carrying roles NC members. He served as a vice principal and assistant librarian prior to contesting in the election.

Ngawang Tshering, a former Culture Officer said he is committed to promote cultural diversity, improving social welfare, and advancing economic growth of the country. Working towards implementing policies and legislation that addresses poverty, education, healthcare, and security, he would also advocate for greater transparency, accountability, and reduce corruption in the system.

If elected as a member of the NC, “I will serve people and promote the common good, ensuring the laws and policies are revised to meet the current need of the country. I would also ensure transparency and accountability of the systems,” Ngawang Tshering pledged.

Tashi Dendup from Dophoochen gewog pledged that any existing upswing proceedings policies, including economy, youth, business, mining, agriculture, health, education and tourism will be reviewed and further strengthened. He would emphasise on enactment of research-based laws and frame policies which will help in economic growth.

He served 18 years under the Ministry of Education and two years in the private sector.

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu