Will DTT come back in 2029?

Will DTT come back in 2029?

Despite garnering less than 10% of the total votes, Thuendrel adamant on returning stronger in 2029

The Druk Thuendrel Tshogpa (DTT) could secure only 9.83% of the total votes cast on November 30. According to election norms, “a party which cannot secure more than 10% of the votes will not be eligible for state funding while campaigning”. Can DTT, then, contest in the Fifth Parliamentary National Assembly (NA) election? The party founders said they will surely come back in 2029.

The total vote secured by DTT is 30814, and the highest vote secured amongst the constituencies was 1,565 votes secured in Athang_Thedtsho constituency, Wangduephodrang.  The party secured 669 votes from South Thimphu, the constituency of the party president.

One of the party founders, who is also the vice president (VP) of DTT, Chenga Tshering said not getting election state fund will be a concern. The VP said, “DTT will come back stronger in 2029,” adding that the party had started to work from day one after losing this time.

A party becomes eligible for state funding if it secures at least 10% of the valid votes cast in the primary round for the NA elections, as per the Public Election Fund Act.

“I will not move out of DTT,” the VP said, echoing the voices of scores of DTT supporters.

The president of the party, Kinga Tshering said, “DTT’s future plans will be in the hands of the party members who have worked tirelessly for the last 3 years and carried on its promise of Misey-Tuendrel throughout the country.”

The president shared that it has been a hard fought but really engaging primary round election for the Fourth Parliament by all the parties. The members of DTT say they were privileged to participate in it.

“DTT has been able to share our unique manifesto of Sunomics and also showcase the competencies of our highly capable candidates through their public debates and forums. I think the primary round gave us the platform to offer something unique to the nation,” the president said.

“I think results are always a surprise no matter what but my motto is ‘expect nothing and accept everything’,” the president added.

Moreover, the DTT president said that there was ECB to monitor, regulate and conduct a free and fair election. “I take the moral responsibility for the results. All the 47 candidates and 20 Dzongkhag coordinators have done their best and even contributed and performed beyond their expectations,” the president exclaimed.

Chenga Tshering said that the party expected to secure at least more than 10% of the votes but it was very much less. “It was stiff competition among the parties. DTT expected the party could stand second or at least third”.

Nonetheless, the VP said, “It was the judgement of the people and we have to accept it.”

The VP shared that DTT will held its post-election convention on January 8. The party now is reaching out to its supporters. He said the primary round election was a lesson and experience. “There is no going back and will strategize for future election,” the Vice President.

The new political which has applied for registration on May 26, 2022 was formally approved as the registered political party of the Kingdom of Bhutan on August 22, 2023.

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu