Thromde between Thimphu and Paro to be established

Thromde between Thimphu and Paro to be established

Responding to questions from the National Assembly (NA) Member of Parliament (MP) Ganesh Ghimiray from Samtse Constituency and MP Drungtsho Karma Wangchuk from Bumthang constituency, on the status of the establishment of thromdes, the minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Dorji Tshering unveiled the status and requirement of facilities to establish the thromdes. Additionally, he said that a new Thromde between Paro and Thimphu will be unveiled very soon.  

The minister said that essential infrastructure and facilities of the dzongkhags are crucial factors and if they have all the facilities and infrastructure, it is easy to set up thromdes

The minister, spoke about challenges faced by existing thromdes, particularly in the capital city of Thimphu, such as parking issues, water crisis, and waste management issues.  

With these challenges in mind, the minister raised questions about the feasibility of establishing additional thromdes.  

“To ensure a smooth and efficient process, within the two years an expert community group has been formed to learn from the experiences of existing thromdes and prevent the recurrence of similar challenges in new ones,” the minister said.   

The minister also announced a new plan for a thromde between Thimphu and Paro, which will not have the challenges mentioned above and will benefit all future generations. “All the documentation has been prepared, including need for establishment and additional information will be unveiled within this week.”  

Moreover, the minister said that the requirement of thromdes in the eastern and southern parts of the country has been a long-standing plan. For instance, towns of Monggar and Gyalposhing in the eastern region have fulfilled the prerequisites for thromdes. The availability of adequate space, a suitable population size, and the presence of crucial amenities like hospitals make these areas ideal for the establishment of thromdes.  

The minister said that all the development plans, including the Gyalsung initiative and the production of various crafts, are already in the pipeline.  

Similarly, Samtse in the southern region also meets all the requirements for a thromde, with abundant landscape and a substantial population density. The availability of qualified doctors and the presence of important tourist entry points further support the establishment of a thromde in the area.  

Additionally, the minister said, “Samtse’s potential to connect the railway between India and Bhutan is currently under research, highlighting its capabilities and opportunities for growth.”  

The minister said that everything is ready, and the only requirement is to  give a name to thromde, which will be ready for implementation after the next election.   The minister also shared the intention to commence the establishment of thromdes in other areas districts such as Bumthang, Trashigang, Wanguephodrang, and Paro.  

Nidup Lhamo from Thimphu