The updated eRaLIS will bring better services: RSTA

The updated eRaLIS will bring better services: RSTA

A new system eRaLIS version 2.0 will ensure efficient and public service delivery

Notwithstanding the system put in place to deliver better services to the public by the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA), a lot of complaints arise on various issues with the system.

For this, RSTA has upgraded the old system to the electronic Registration and Licensing Information System (eRaLIS) version 2.0 which is based on the microservice architecture.

“This system has different RSTA services that have independent singular servers to provide the needs of individual services,” an official from RSTA said, adding a new system will ensure efficient and public service delivery.

He shared that the old system which was built with the JAVA 6 Monolithic application was routed through a single server service, which means if the server is down all the RSTA services will be non-functional.

“With such architecture, when there is a system issue, all services are affected, and further with the increasing user and data size, the system becomes dysfunctional, hampering the service delivery,” an official said.

However, with the new system, the official said that if one online service gets dysfunctional, the other services delivery system will still be available, which, the service will not be hampered by other systems.

According to the RSTA, with the increasing user and data size, the services are hampered where the issues were raised by the public for not updating the data in the RSTA system, and many were frustrated with the services of the RSTA.

“The issue arises now are not only with the system but also will depend upon the online services, which, they will have to go through three steps to avail of the services that interlink with RMA payment gateway and bank payment,” an official said.

While using the online services, he shared that a person has to go through three steps to get the job done. “Choosing the online services from RSTA, then making the payments and finally to do with the online banking are the procedures,” the official said.

An official explained that sometimes due to the power connection and network issues, payments are not made in the RMA gateway payment system and even sometimes the bank fails to provide the receipt. “That could be one reason the public complains about the RSTA systems.”

The official said that if the online services are completed, the data is updated in the RSTA system without delaying.

Meanwhile, with the new system of RSTA, payments through the use of mobile Banking (QR code) features are also included and the system provides an active data overview on the system dashboard regarding the daily and monthly services.

“For this, RSTA also has the designated focal persons to carter such issues and they can also directly write to RSTA through emails and calls,” an official said.

In addition, RSTA provides 15 services, out of which ten services, including driving license services, booking driving tests, renewing driving licenses and learner licenses, and transferring vehicle ownership, among others can be availed online.

The new system was deployed with effect from 8th August this year. The e-RaLIS was first launched in August 2016 and with time and development, the official said that some features are added to the new system for better service delivery to the people.

Sherab Dorji from Thimphu