Trade deficit expected to widen further end of this year

The growth in imports was much stronger than the exports, leading to a deterioration of the trade balance and the CAB The recovery in trade performance has been immediate and widespread across all sectors of the economy after a significant drop in 2020. The overall import from January- June this year has increased by 52.0% […]

Draft TCB Rules and Regulations 2022 on the Cabinet’s Desk

After considering some recommendations from tour operators, the draft rules and regulations of the new Tourism Levy Act 2022 have been submitted by the council to the cabinet With just a week left for Bhutan to open her gates and the arrival of tourists, the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) has submitted the draft rules […]

The updated eRaLIS will bring better services: RSTA

A new system eRaLIS version 2.0 will ensure efficient and public service delivery Notwithstanding the system put in place to deliver better services to the public by the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA), a lot of complaints arise on various issues with the system. For this, RSTA has upgraded the old system to the […]