Residents hopeful about better days in P/ling

This is after the town saw no Covid-19 positive cases from the community for 28 days

As the border town of Phuentsholing reported no Covid-19 positive cases from the community for a straight 28 days, residents of the town are hoping that normalcy will return to the town soon.

More residents, meanwhile, who had left the town, are back and many people could be seen on the streets earlier this week. However, the residents are extra careful as they are coming outside from their houses.

A businessman, Ajay Lama said having no community cases for 28 days is good news for everyone. However, he reminded that people cannot be careless as not much about the virus is known.

 He added that one cannot say that there is no virus in the community. โ€œWe never know where and with whom the virus is, and everyone should comply with the protocols.โ€

However, another resident, Kinley Dema said that the information shared regarding the positive cases lack details as one can only see what is being shared by the concerned agencies.

She said no positive cases for 28 days is a good sign and the concerned authorities should also continue with their good work as everyone can see the result.

Further, with businesses out here back to normal, she added that more can be improved if the residents of Phuentsholing continue to adhere to the protocols.

A resident, Tshering Dendup said that areas such as quarantine facilities, containment zones, border walls and mini dry port areas should be given more focus.  

He said there were a little less residents in the town for a couple of months, but with no community cases, more residents were returning to the city.

Meanwhile, it is the 28th day without a single Covid-19 positive case from the community in Phuentsholing. The last positive case was reported from the medical supply depot on August 12 this year and a total of 9,622 RT-PCR tests have been done since then. Phuentsholing saw a complete relaxation from lockdown on August 10.

However, even after the relaxation on August 10, positive cases were reported from the medical supply depot on August 12. Since then there were no positive cases detected from the community.

And after the recent lockdown in Phuentsholing was lifted, the Southern Covid-19 Task Force (SC19TF) has started adopting a new modality for monitoring the Covid-19 safety where all the managers or the heads of the containment centers, agencies and business centers were sensitized and advocated on the Covid-19 safety measures. They also signed an undertaking letter to ensure continuous monitoring on safety compliance at the respective agencies and containment centers.

The SC19TF also provided containment centers with a safety checklist to monitor the Covid-19 safety compliance on a daily basis. For security surveillance and monitoring on the Covid-19 safety compliance, additional Desuups and RBP personnel were enhanced. 

For safety measures at the hospital, the SC19TF also deployed additional Desuups along with a streamlined surveillance system for testing. The SC19TF also initiated sensitization for quarantine security and Desuups.

For the way forward, the SC19TF will continue to strengthen inspection and monitoring of the Covid-19 safety compliance. Even the public information sharing mechanism will be improved.ย The SC19TF will also sensitize safety protocols for the Covid-19 to the police personnel, Desuups and immigration officials.ย 

Sonam Tashi from Phuentsholing