eTeeru gaining popularity as digital payment platform

eTeeru safeguards your main saving account by providing an alternative wallet for every day expenses, says the General Manager

eTeeru is increasingly becoming popular as a digital payment platform with about 75,000 registered eTeeru users in the country as of today.

eTeeru is a mobile wallet service, which protects a client’s main saving account in case of cyber fraud since the saving account details are not exposed while making transactions.

In an effort towards fulfilling His Majesty’s vision of Digital Bhutan and accelerating the Royal Monetary Authority’s (RMA) financial inclusion agenda for Bhutan, TashiCell launched the mobile wallet service called the eTeeru on April 6, 2020.

The General Manager of Marketing Division of TashiCell, Namgyal Wangchuk said as a digital payment platform, the eTeeru allows registered users to cash-in and cash-out from and to their bank accounts or via authorized agents.

He said that the wallet can be used to pay merchants and pay utility bills, insurance and tax.

TashiCell merchants include hotels, shopkeepers, private business firms, vegetable vendors, taxi drivers and fuel stations.

With the help of the eTeeru platform, TashiCell subscribers can now also make TashiCell bill payments like postpaid and internet leased line and recharge talk-time and data.

He said that the customers can use the eTeeru wallet for daily expenses by putting a small amount in it.

“eTeeru safeguards your main saving account by providing an alternative wallet for everyday expenses. That way even if frauds and scams happen your main saving account is protected. Therefore, using eTeeru minimizes cyber fraud risk,” he said.

TashiCell is further planning to introduce many more exciting features and services soon for the registered eTeeru users.

When it comes to registration, Namgyal Wangchuk said, “It is convenient and free to register with the app – no need for a bank account, free internet access to browse the eTeeru app, bonus on every recharge, cashback on recharge and merchant payment and instant message after every payment.”

He added that for the eTeeru users there are regular giveaways and customers can search the nearest agents and merchants on the app.

Currently for the eTeeru users a total of 9% gain is there on every recharge from eTeeru with 5% bonus and 4% cashback.

They also offer Nu 7 cashback on every payment made to eTeeru registered merchants and Nu 5 cashback on every payment made to eTeeru registered taxis.

The General Manager said that the users are increasing over the years and most use the app for recharge and merchant payments.

“This is the transaction from wallet to wallet, less risk of fraud and cyber security. Globally, people use only digital wallet payment and not bank to bank transactions,” he said. 

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu