Recreational facilities crop up in Kanglung

Kanglung in Trashigang once bereft of recreational facilities of any sort left a lot of youth seeking entertainment but things have changed now.

Currently, it has two snooker halls and a gaming facility that are teeming with children from schools or students from Sherubtse College.

In a way, youth consider these a blessing as according to them, it helps them keep away from unhealthy pastimes.

Sangay Wangchuck, a student of Jampeling Higher Secondary School said that the mushrooming of such facilities helps kill boredom and gives him an opportunity to socialize with peers.

“It helps me avoid bad company,” he said.

Kanglung has developed over the years, which locals attribute to Sherubtse College. And most of the users of the recreational facilities are the collegians.

A teacher from Kanglung mentioned that the recreational facilities that have cropped up now help youth develop holistically and uses their creative faculties beneficially.

He added that this kind of facilities provide new ideas and knowledge on modern technology. “It not only exposes youth to what is trending but educates them beyond textbooks.”

However, the locals, especially those from a farming background are a bit skeptical with the new development.

A farmer from Kanglung said: “Kanglung is largely an agrarian society and installing such facilities would affect young people’s interest to work in the farms which is by far more productive.”

Meanwhile, Dorji, a father of four, said that modern recreational facilities can lead to youth losing focus in academics.

“Such facilities are a waste of time and money. In fact, they can turn addictive, too,” he said, ‘‘Youth who do not know how to manage time properly might lose interest in studies.”

According to the owner of Chill Out game zone, his business peaks during the college season as most of his customers are students.

He said that when college is on, his shop is so packed that customers have to wait in queue but currently since it is vacation time, the number of college students visiting has dropped.

“Only a few locals visit sometimes,” he added.

Jigme Wangchen from Kanglung, Trashigang