New parking lot to address space crunch

The parking space crunch in Trashigang that lasted for years now will soon be resolved with the construction of a new parking lot by February end. Works on the parking lot have already begun below the Road Safety and Transport Authority office.

Trashigang Dzongda Cheki Gyaltshen said that traffic congestion and parking space crunch is a huge problem and the upcoming parking area is expected to address it.

The parking space resembling a flyover bridge will accommodate 50-60 vehicles.

According to the Dzongkhag Engineer, Lekjay, the budget estimate for the parking lot is Nu 55.6mn.

“A few additional works like blacktopping remain,” he said.

Further, a roundabout is being constructed to ease traffic jam in the town.

A traffic official from Trashigang said that more than 500 vehicles move in and out of town every day causing pressure on the existing parking area.

The new parking space is also going to reduce risks of flood from Mithidrang stream, which runs through the town since it will secure the banks of the stream with reinforced concrete walls.

Bikas, a shopkeeper, said that since Trashigang serves as a business hub for most of the locals of the east, they commute to Trashigang, taking up what little space there is. “If the town gets a new parking space, it will drastically reduce traffic congestion.”

A taxi driver said that currently, the space crunch is so bad that it often leads to altercations between vehicle owners like cabbies but the residents are hoping that the situation will improve after the new parking lot is completed.

Works on the new parking lot started in December last year.

Jigme Wangchen from Trashigang