<strong>RCSC willing to protect candidate’s experience if they get through the main examination says PM</strong>

RCSC willing to protect candidate’s experience if they get through the main examination says PM

During the question and answer session of the 9th session of the third parliament on June 13, Members of Parliament (MP), Choki Gyeltshen of Maenbi-Tsaenkhar constituency questioned the Prime Minister (PM), Dr Lotay Tshering regarding the resolution on civil servants under consolidate contracts to be changed to regular contracts.

Choki Gyeltshen said work done by the consolidated employees are similar to those done by regular employees. In addition, he said that the consolidate employees do not get any facilities such as yearly increment, long term trainings, bank loan facility, retirement benefits, amongst others.

The PM said that the government has been discussing with the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) on what to do with the consolidate employees in the civil servant for a long time starting from the 6th parliament session.

The PM shared that the government is aware about challenges faced by the contract employees and that the government has been pushing the commission.  He said the outcomes are not that bad and that the commission has considered many things to help contract employees.

The PM informed the conditions made by the commission to the house, which includes allowing the civil servant aspirants to attempt multiple times in the preliminary exams (PE) and the main exams. “The commission is even willing to protect their experience with the position level once they get through the civil servant exam.”

PM shared that initially, even with an experience, if one gets through the main examination they start from P5 level but that things will now be different. With experience, one can start their position level from P4 and P3 as per the individual’s experience.

“If you are a former teacher, then with your experience, one can start the position level with P4 or P3 as per the number of experience and it will be the same with other professions,” PM said, adding that, he felt such conditions from the commission is fair enough.

The PM also said that the commission has even made national regular contract teacher for Paro and Samtse graduates who have got through the main exam as regular employee.  

In addition, the PM even said that for those who are Dzongkha teachers, the government has asked the commission on the possibility for exempting them from appearing the PE as most of the Dzongkha teacher don’t have the technical background and fail.

However, the PM said that the commission has their own policy. What the government can do is to take the decision made from the house to the commission and the commission has the full right to decide on the decision made by the house since the commission has their own separate policy and acts.

Meanwhile, the PM said that environment for the consolidate contract employees in the country has become much easier  as compared to the previous years.

Sherab Dorji from Thimphu