Rabies outbreak under control in Phuentsholing and Samphelling

The disease was first reported in January 25

The rabies outbreak in the four villages of Phuentsholing and Samphellinggewogs in Chhukha has been brought under control, according to officials from the Regional Veterinary Hospital in Tsimasham.

The disease was first reported in January 25. Ahalley and Majuwa in PhuentsholingGewog and Pana B and Rangeytung in SamphellingGewog were reportedly affected when the villagers reported of suspicious dogs.

The Rapid Response Team comprising staffs from BAFRA, Chhukha Livestock Department, Phuentsholing General Hospital, Regional Livestock Development Center, Tsimasham and local Tshogpa had also conducted joint investigation of the affected areas.

The team has vaccinated 25 dogs, five cats and 15 stray dogs in the affected villages, besides having had checked dog bite cases in large domestic animals like cattle, sheep, goat and pig for suspicious rabid signs. Also they have created awareness and short survey in the community, which is reported to have poor knowledge of the disease.

Meanwhile, the Movement and Quarantine Control from BAFRA have restricted the movement of pet dogs out of the affected villages, fearing spreading of the disease.

 Around 30 people from Wangdigatshel and Ahalley and two from Pana B are directly exposed to the disease and are under Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), a treatment to prevent infection, according to the officials. More than 50 are indirectly exposed to the disease in the affected villages. The team has also conducted door to door awareness campaign in the affected villages.

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing