One at a time, please!

After missing several deadlines, the much awaited 720MW Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project (MHPA) is finally readying for commission. The last deadline for MHPA commission was January 10. The MHPA, which took six and half years to complete, was built at a total cost of Nu 49.83bn. Once fully operational, MHPA will bring in substantial revenue through […]

Budget planning not necessary for pledges: PM

The opposition has criticized the government for lack of vision and clarity and unambitious 12th Five Year Plan The government has not allocated specific budget for some of the pledges but it is confident of fulfilling them and achieving self-sufficiency, said Prime Minister Dr. Lotay Tshering at the Friday Meet session yesterday. On Thursday, the […]

Boulder exporters complain of delay in payments from importers

The delay in receiving payments from importers is a major issue confronted by boulder exporters while exporting boulders from Bhutan to Bangladesh. It has been learnt that payments for some exporters were blocked for months even after having had delivered the boulders to the destination. The exporters feel there could be discrepancy between the importers […]

Dependence on hydropower creates weak private sector

Bhutan’s dependence on hydropower has resulted in weak private sector development and also created macroeconomic vulnerabilities though the country’s growth has been driven mainly by the public sector through hydropower development. A 2019 World Bank report titled ‘Bhutan development report: a path to inclusive and sustainable development; macroeconomics, trade, and investment global practice’ found that […]

Problems with our locally produced products

Many challenges wait to be addressed if our locally produced products are to meet international market standard Due to the lack of information on local food products, many food consumers are complaining about these food products. They say they have had purchased food items with valid dates, only to find out later that the food […]

A colder winter this time

With temperature dropping by 2-4 degree Celsius in five Dzongkhags across the country, the winter this time has been colder compared to the last one. This is as per the winter analysis graphs for five Dzongkhags done by the National Centre for Hydrology and Meteorology (NCHM). Bhutan recorded four snowfalls till date with the lowest […]

The cost of removing the cut off point

The government will spend Nu 150mn a year to fund the schooling of over 4,000 class X students absorbed in private schools The government will spend anywhere from Nu 140mn to 150mn in a year to sponsor the education of 4,225 class X students who will be enrolled in private schools. A total of 12,033 […]

Zebra Crossings the point of dispute

If there is one thing that annoys commuters, it should be traffic jams. The unrestrained proliferation of motor vehicles in the capital over the years combined with poor road culture and serious lack of awareness on traffic ethics only make traffic jam an urban reality in Thimphu.  The situation is especially worse during the morning […]

Solo art exhibit at 19

To have a solo art exhibition at the age of 19 is no less than a feat and Karma Dendup has achieved that exactly. He describes himself as the sole art enthusiast in his family. Karma completed class XII from Baylling Higher Secondary School in 2018. He is genuinely interested in art and uses various […]

No grounds to reinvestigate BEO case: ACC

Based on the investigation findings, the ACC has forwarded the criminal charges to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has declined to reinvestigate the case on ‘Learn and Earn’ program in Japan. The ACC Commissioner, Jamtsho, told Business Bhutan that the ACC does not see any ground for reinvestigation on […]