No more bumpy rides

No more bumpy rides

Blacktopping farm road to improve safety and economic progress of Dechheling

The black topping of the farm road from the Gewog Centre to Dechheling Lower Secondary School, Public Health Centre and Pelingthang – Shingchongri Chiwog under Pemagatshel is under full swing, with the commuters widely anticipating a more peaceful ride once the works are completed.

Call it a boon; the local community will have numerous benefits, including safety, accessibility, economic development, and a healthy environment.

A teacher in Dechheling LSS, Kezang Namgay said that until now, the commuters in small cars on the unpaved way is challenging. He said, “Quite often small vehicles are damaged. Besides, it was difficult to drive due to run-off water during the summer.” With the blacktopped road, he said even the small cars be driven safely.

A retired civil servant and living in the village, Karma, also expressed his excitement on the new development. He said that now drivers can drive their vehicles without tension of their cars being broken down. “It was demanding to drive on a rough road until now,” he said.

Similary, Pelden from Gonapwong village said that people have been driving on rough and dusty road for a very long time. “With a peace road, our hygiene will be vastly improved, notwithstanding the eyesore which the dusts create along the roadside.”

Kunzang from Pelingthang said that the dust from the road had been polluting the vegetables and mandarin fruits. Hereafter, he said he can consume clean vegetables and fruits.

A businessman from Pelingthang said that quite often, the commuters had to clean the road after stopping the vehicle. “The peace road will ensure our safety and will save time to reach to the destinations,” he said.

The blacktopping work commenced from January 1 this year with the contract amount of about Nu 22.1 million (M). The work is carried out by Wang’s Private Limited, a contractor based in Phuentsholing.

Meanwhile, the road blacktopping plan from Gewog Center till Shinchongri Chiwog was the pledge of Druk NyamrupTshogpa (DNT) government.

Sangay Rabten and Dechen Choden from Thimphu