Mobile app to be launched for hassle-free driving

If the traffic cops are out checking for your driving license which you forgot at home, don’t worry, starting December you will be able to download mRSTA, a mobile app from Google play store and check for your license online.

Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) will launch the mobile app, which is convenient for license holders as they will always have a digital copy of driving license and registration certificate on their phone.

With this mobile app, vehicle drivers can easily access information and provide other facilities for the law enforcement agency to validate documents digitally.

According to a MoIC official, the increase in number of vehicle import and new aspiring drivers in the country has lead to increasing cost and administrative burden on the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA). “Printing of driving license, registration certificate and related documents has become a challenge with limited capital and human resources,” said the MoIC official.

He added that this issue has put the enforcement agency in a difficult position to check whether the drivers have a driving license. “Now, with this app, the traffic police can be easily record the drivers who were caught without driving license and invalid documents on the spot,” he said.

The traffic offence study, 2011-16 showed that the second highest traffic offence is not having driving license on the spot. “It would otherwise be minimized if there was a mechanism to validate the record,” he added.

“The mRSTA mobile app is not to replace the existing physical driving license and the registration certificate but is intended to serve as a supplement to reduce the printing cost and administrative burden,” the MoIC official said.

The mobile app would also enable RSTA to have instant and easy features to update the traffic offence while on the highway so that the citizens could instantly pay online (which would include the online services of RSTA).

Likewise, citizens can register to use the app using their citizen ID number, date of birth and the registered mobile number.

This app has interesting features which will enable the viewing of the last expiry date, authorized drive types, offence information and the vehicle information registered in the driver’s name.

 “This app will display driving license similar to the existing card and the registration certificate details. It will also notify app users of any renewal dates or offence issued against the driving license holder.”

Further, mRSTA will record any unpaid traffic offence and users should be able to pay the offence penalties using the existing online payment features of eRaLIS.

According to the official, to improve the service delivery with the digital evolvement and to fulfill the aspiration of the citizens as well, the requirement to introduce digital driving license and other vehicle documents is considered timely and appropriate.

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu