Tourists unable to withdraw money from local ATMs

While the tourist season for the fall has begun, some tourists and international travelers are busy frequenting the banks, hotels and local handicraft shops with many of them unable to withdraw money from the local AutomatedTeller Machines (ATMs) with their cards. Many tourists have complained about not being able to withdraw money from the ATMs […]

Carcinogenic asbestos to be banned

Realizing that asbestos related products cause cancer, the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) is to ban the import of these products completely. The ban would come into effect after the OCP in collaboration with the Department of Revenue and Customs and health ministry compiles a detailed report.   “We want to find out which sectors and […]

Limited budget to blacktop Kharbandi-Pasakha road

Though the Kharbandi- Pasakha road leading to the country’s biggest industrial estate, Pasakha has been in terrible condition for years, the Department of Roads (DoR) has received only Nu 20mn for maintenance which will cover two kilometers of the road. DoR’s Chief Engineer, Dorji Wangdi said that with the budget allocated they can only do […]

FCBL introduces four new rice variants

The Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL) introduced its first ever rice brand named “Zheychum” with four different rice variants for the Bhutanese consumers. The four rice variants – Zheychum Chogjur, Zheychum Gongma, Zheychum Dangpa and Zheychum Kuenga– have been designed and packaged with local Bhutanese aesthetics, making it appealing and distinct from other rice […]

Mobile app to be launched for hassle-free driving

If the traffic cops are out checking for your driving license which you forgot at home, don’t worry, starting December you will be able to download mRSTA, a mobile app from Google play store and check for your license online. Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) will launch the mobile app, which is convenient for […]