FCBL introduces four new rice variants

The Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL) introduced its first ever rice brand named “Zheychum” with four different rice variants for the Bhutanese consumers.

The four rice variants – Zheychum Chogjur, Zheychum Gongma, Zheychum Dangpa and Zheychum Kuenga– have been designed and packaged with local Bhutanese aesthetics, making it appealing and distinct from other rice brands in the market. The product has been carefully chosen from the finest paddy grown in India to ensure best quality and delectable taste suited for Bhutanese consumers.

Through the introduction of the localized rice brands, FCBL wishes to eliminate inferior quality, under weight and adulterated rice products which can potentially pose serious health hazards. The introduction of localized rice brands is also aimed at setting a quality benchmark and help differentiate the product from the other rice products through its distinctive brand.

Meanwhile, Zheychum Chogjur is the premium basmati rice with rich aroma and incredible taste with high nutritional value, popularly grown in the North Eastern regions of Punjab, India.

While Zheychum Gongma is widely cultivated in the West Bengal regions in ideal climatic conditions and is known for its distinct taste and authenticity, Zheychum Dangpa is the finest basmati rice popular for its soothing aroma, scrumptious taste and ideally cultivated in the Northern Regions of India. 

Zheychum Kuenga is the finest stone free rice grown in the most favorable areas in West Bengal (India) and is known for its affordability and taste.  

The Director of the Department of Corporate Business of FCBL, Dorji Tashi said FCBL shall ensure its quality and availability at all times.

He added that FCBL shall put in whatever efforts it takes to make their product accessible to all the sections of the society through their depots that are spread across the nation.FCBL also solicits support from their customers to bring about a win-win outcome to the company and to the customers themselves.

Meanwhile, FCBL also assured about Zheychum’s superior packaging in quality than the rest of the rice brands available in the market. The quality and weight are also being monitored by FCBL by designated officials. Four rice mills in India are currently supplying each brand to FCBL.

“Hopefully, our customers will prefer Zheychum over other rice brands as it is particularly packaged for Bhutanese,” Dorji Tashi said.  

The rice will be made available across the country within one week, according to the FCBL.

Zheychum Chogjur and Zheychum Gongma will be initially available in 20-kilogram bags, while the two others in 25-kg bags. Currently, the wholesale rate for Zheychum Chogjur is Nu 53.28 and Nu 53.02 per kilogram. Zheychum Gongma and Zheychum Kuenga are sold at Nu 35.51 and Nu 25.60 per kilogram.

Meanwhile, rice mill owners have also assured that they would meet the required quality as wanted by FCBL.

Shanti Rice Mill in India is one of the suppliers to FCBL. Nigam Chhetri, Marketing Manager of the mill, said considering the requirement of the client, they prioritized on the best-quality rice.

“The rice is better in quality and we will remain committed to supply only the best,” he said, adding that around 300 Metric Tons (MTs) will be supplied per month from the mill.

“The mill supplies Zheychum Kuenga, which will be the highest consumed rice brand,” he added.

Meanwhile, FCBL is also planning to explore domestic rice, particularly the Khamtoe rice in the future.

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing