Civil Servants Welcome Pay Revision

Finance Minster says situations matter

When civil servants go on a tour, those in the higher positions are entitled to pool vehicles. However, those who do not fall in this group need to manage transport on their own. Despite this, the daily subsistence allowance (DSA) for the latter has been revoked.

This submission was made during the question and answer session in the National Assembly on June 16, 2023 by the Member of Parliament (MP) Choki Gyeltshen of Maenbi-Tsaenkhar constituency.

The MP said that civil servants, mainly lower staff without pool vehicles have to use their own mode of transport resulting in personal expenses. The MP asked the government’s stand on this.

“In 2019 pay revision, for low ranking, the daily allowance (DA) was increased to Nu 1000 from Nu 500 and the low level won’t get the mileage. However after the revision they are also entitled with a mileage of Nu 16 per kilometre (KM),” the minister said.

In addition, the minister said that currently, even with the pandemic there isn’t any restriction on any act stating they will not get the benefits. 

However, during the financial year 2021-2022, the domestic revenue was Nu 36bn where 90% is a mandatory recurring expenses and 10% was on operation maintenance of Nu 3.9bn.

According to the minister, for the financial year 2021-2022, the travelling allowance and daily allowance (TADA) itself was about 50%, amounting to Nu 1.6bn. Almost 50% of the operation cost was spent on TADA and the rest 50% was given as grants to 20 districts.

“After the distribution of the grant money, the agencies have the full right on how to use the money,” the minister shared to the House.

“It is important to work according to what the country has rather than asking for what is not in the country,” the minister said, adding that, it is important to understand the situation of the country and work accordingly.

Meanwhile, the finance minister said that if the country has good domestic revenue the government would rather have given all the benefits.

Sherab Dorji from Thimphu