Educare Skill: Groundbreaking Online Learning Platform

Educare Skill: Groundbreaking Online Learning Platform

Easy and fun ways to learn Dzongkha language

As the nation celebrates the 44th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The King on February 21, 2024, iBEST institute would launch “Educare Skill,” the first online learning platform in the country. This cutting-edge platform, which took a year to develop solely by young and professional Bhutanese people, intends to transform education for kids and learners of all ages. Moreover, it would go a long way in promoting Dzongkha, the country’s national language.

According to Tharchen, chief executive officer (CEO) of Educare Skill, the majority of adult and child time in the Generation alpha eras is spent on digital media. Educare Skill has been designed and developed using the latest technology to take advantage of the above fact. The platform is user-friendly and available on both Android and iOS mobile application as well as the website. It provides a wide variety of engaging educational content catering to a variety of audiences. The platform offers exciting experiences meant to both delight and educate, from engaging nursery rhymes with beloved characters Nono and Daza to animated series like Tales of Four Friends, Adventures of the Monkey King, and Dr. Carrot, educating about fitness and healthy diet.

“Educare Skill has 95% content in Dzongkha learning programme ensuring our national language thrives for future generations,” explained Tharchen.

One of the platform’s standout features is its extensive library of over 180 read-aloud stories, including beloved tales like Monkey King and Dragon Tales, presented in both Dzongkha and English. These stories serve as invaluable resources for children learning Dzongkha, the national language of Bhutan.

Additionally, Educare Skill includes gamified interactive learning modules like CHEYCHEY, which cover fundamental topics like colours, shapes, and alphabets. The platform seeks to enhance traditional classroom teaching and cultivate a lifetime love of learning in Bhutanese youngsters by making learning enjoyable and approachable.

“We are thrilled to introduce Educare Skill, a platform that offers high-quality Bhutanese content to our children and learners of all ages,” added Tharchen. “Our goal is to make learning easier and more engaging, ultimately empowering individuals to enhance their knowledge and skills.”

In the future, Educare Skill intends to broaden the scope of its courses to include professional, vocational, and skill-oriented programmes. These courses will be targeted towards a variety of learners, including farmers, professionals, and young people. The platform, with its innovative technology and easy-to-use interface, has the potential to become a major component of Bhutan’s educational system and influence education in the future for the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Dechen Choden from Thimphu