For One Nation, One King, One People, One Vision – The Gyalsung NS

It is heartening to witness the overwhelming participation in the Gyalsung program, with all but four youths registering. This resounding response indicates a deep awareness among parents, guardians, and the youth themselves regarding the program’s significance and the manifold benefits it offers to participants. Moreover, His Majesty’s personal engagement with the program, including the adoption of the Gyalsung Act, serves as a profound testament to its importance. His Majesty’s meticulous attention to detail, viewing the program through the lens of concerned parents and apprehensive children, further underscores its significance.

The architectural magnificence of the Gyalsung centers is not merely grandiose but intricately crafted. These structures serve as marvels of architecture to the common Bhutanese, not built out of extravagance but with the deliberate aim of inspiring confidence in parents as they drop off their children. The majestic grounds designed for the passing-out parades are intended to instill pride, love, and confidence in the participants, a reflection of the extraordinary foresight embodied by His Majesty the King.

While the primary objectives of the National Service (NS) are to equip Bhutanese youth with knowledge, skills, and values to realize their potential and contribute to national goals, the individual and collective benefits are vast. Each year, thousands of Bhutanese youth from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities will come together at the Gyalsung centers, where there will be no divisions based on socio-economic or cultural traits. For a year, these youth will live as one, learning about each other and, more importantly, discovering the essence of being Bhutanese and the unity that binds them.

In the years to come, as these graduates pursue various paths in different fields, they will remain united as alumni of the Gyalsung centers, bound by a common code instilled during their time together. This fosters a sense of unity, solidarity, and camaraderie among them, transcending their diverse pursuits.

Amidst the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing detachment of youth from traditional values, the Gyalsung centers serve as sanctuaries for the revival or instillation of essential human virtues. In this era of digital dominance, the program will ensure that the essence of being human and Bhutanese is not forgotten but rather nurtured and upheld.

The benefits of the NS are multifaceted and difficult to encapsulate, yet its central role in uniting thousands of Bhutanese under one vision cannot be overstated. By bringing together diverse individuals in pursuit of a shared dream for the greatness of the country, the Gyalsung NS will serve as a beacon of national unity and collective aspiration. It embodies the spirit of “One Nation, One People,” under One King fostering a sense of togetherness and collective endeavor towards One Vision.