Doubly talented: Singer aces football

Football and singing.

These are the two things in 24-year-old YesheyChoden’s life that keep her going.

These two fuel her passion for life. YesheyChoden became Bhutan’s first YouTube sensation in 2012 when she was a young student from Mongar.

Her song NgaCheluGa turned viral and she gained instant recognition. In 2014, she debuted in the Bhutanese movie industry with the song Che Da Nga for the movie Baeyul-The Hidden Paradise for which she won the award for best female vocalist.

YesheyChoden graduated from Sherubtse College and besides singing she currently is the General Secretary (GS) for a football club – Drukstars Football Club.

“I am more of a sportswoman than a singer though sometimes I dabble in arts too. During my college days I was popular for excellence in sports like football and basketball. I was in the college team,” said YesheyChoden.

YesheyChoden has been singing from a very young age. She was in the second grade when her sister came home with a guitar and taught her the guitar chords. Eventually she started composing songs for fun. “It is a trend, after graduation, to rush into the job market and later be disappointed or satisfied but I am very happy that I am getting a chance to set a trend.”

Besides singing for movies, she also performs gigs.

YesheyChoden said that as a woman she believes in independence and working in the field -it keeps her optimistic.

She said that she has gained experience and met a lot of new people and even learned work ethics.

“But there are a lot of talented people who are trendsetters but they have not been introduced. I am glad that I am getting this opportunity,” she said.

She has recorded around seven songs in films, a few jingles and has around 26 songs yet to be recorded. As a role model, she believes that she has the responsibility to show good example and let everyone know that they can achieve their potential. “I have a responsibility make others believe in what they can do and who they can be,” YesheyChoden said. YesheyChoden is from Mongar. She has five sisters. Her father is a retired civil servant while she has a working mother.

Chencho Dema from Thimphu