A new political party on the scene

A new political party on the scene

A new political party is in the offing.

Though it could not register for the 2018 parliamentary elections, a former civil servant, JigmeDukpa from Lhuentse, and other core founding members are collectively coordinating their efforts to breathe life into their party again.

Called the DrukKuenphenTshogpa (DKT), JigmeDukpa is the interim president and its founding member.

According to JigmeDukpa, DKT is a party with common benefits and interests to serve the nation.

He said the new party could not fulfill the registration procedure in the past owing to limited time in hand and therefore had to forgo the opportunity to contest the parliamentary elections 2018.

However, he said the party and its members on board still have the drive, dreams and aspirations and a high degree of integrity and patriotism to participate in the forthcoming parliamentary elections in 2023 and that preparatory tasks are underway once again, beginning this year to enable them to have adequate time for preparations.

“DKT would be shaped by the collective wisdom of many people who are genuinely interested in public service,” JigmeDukpa said, “It would be a party of the people, for the people and by the people in accordance with our constitutional framework.”

“DKT believes that a political party is as good as who its candidates are,” he said. He added that DKT will have broad-based membership with qualified and experienced candidates from diverse professional fields.

JigmeDukpa said that they will come with the DrukKuenphen Economic and key sectorial development model (2023-42) which is a short and a long-term roadmap for economic development.

He claims that DKT is in the process of refining its Charter and a checklist of documents for meeting registration requirements of the Election Commission of Bhutan.

JigmeDukpa feels that it is never too late to spearhead and continue the journey of DKT as there are many elementary tasks to be fulfilled.

Regarding the government’s performance, he said that it is too early for him to fairly assess the government’s performance as it has only been a couple of months since the new government assumed office.

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu