Doubly talented: Singer aces football

Football and singing. These are the two things in 24-year-old YesheyChoden’s life that keep her going. These two fuel her passion for life. YesheyChoden became Bhutan’s first YouTube sensation in 2012 when she was a young student from Mongar. Her song NgaCheluGa turned viral and she gained instant recognition. In 2014, she debuted in the […]

A new political party on the scene

A new political party is in the offing. Though it could not register for the 2018 parliamentary elections, a former civil servant, JigmeDukpa from Lhuentse, and other core founding members are collectively coordinating their efforts to breathe life into their party again. Called the DrukKuenphenTshogpa (DKT), JigmeDukpa is the interim president and its founding member. […]

Demolition of Gol building expected to take longer

Demolition of Gol (round) building is expected to take longer than expected. The nature of the work requiring workers to work cautiously in the heart of the town and the absence of laborers during the Indian elections are some of the prime reasons. KinSam Construction had started to demolish the building more than three months […]

Savour Bhutan Koufuku cheese block hits the market

The samples of the processed cheese block have been released for trial The Koufuku International Limited (KIL), a dairy processing plant at Chenary in Trashigang, has started producing processed cheese block starting this month and the samples of the Savour Bhutan processed block cheese have been released for trial in the market yesterday. KIL, a […]

Learn to create your own perfect moments! – Vinita DawraNangia

Are there moments in life that can be called perfect? In retrospect yes, but moments whose perfection you are aware of even as you live them? Can you recall some such perfect moments? What makes them perfect? Was it the innocent look of total trust in your child’s eyes looking up at you? Was it […]

Opposition to wait until govt. comes out with final report on pay revision

DPT has assured all that the opposition will perform their duty to the best In the wake of several media approaching the opposition party, the DrukPhuensumTshogpa (DPT), and seeking their views on the proposed pay revision of public servants by the Pay Commission, the party has maintained that they have not made any specific comments […]

PM graces opening ceremony of Vajrayana conference in Zhichenkhar

The three-day conference will end today Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering graced the opening ceremony of the 3rd International Conference on Vajrayāna Buddhism at Zhichenkhar in Langjopakha Thursday evening. Addressing the three-day conference organized by the Centre for Bhutan Studies & GNH and the Central Monastic Body of Bhutan, Lyonchhen welcomed the participants from over […]

ADB outlines challenges for Bhutan in responding to fiscal pressures

The report recommends reducing the large number of existing exemptions to enable more revenue to be raised and removing tax holidays While Bhutan has made significant progress in improving its economy and reducing poverty over the past three decades, primarily driven by the public sector, how it responds to fiscal pressures would be the challenge […]

Solar fencing makes life easier for Pangthang villagers

Solar fencing has eased the lives of farmers in Pangthang village as they no longer have to spend sleepless nights in their farmhouses guarding crops. With more than 3Km solar fencing installed around the main cultivated land in Pangthang village under Kanglunggewog, life has become easier for villagers. In this clustered village, potato is the […]