Voting patterns in districts

Voting patterns in districts

PDP secures west, centre and south, while BTP holds onto the east

The People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) entry to the helm of governance comes amidst winning 30 of the 47 seats in the National Assembly elections 2024, while the remaining votes went in favor of Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP).

With PDP winning both the constituencies from Haa, leading the pack is it’s President Dasho Tshering Tobgay, who won the election from Sombaykha constituency with 2,337 votes, up against the 278 votes secured by Sonam Penjore of Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP). The other constituency in Haa, Bji-Katsho-Uesu was also won by PDP’s Lhendup Wangdi who secured 1,804 votes.

In contrast, BTP took the lead in winning all the constituencies of Trashigang. The president of BTP, Dasho Pema Chewang won the election from Kanglung-Shamkhar-Udzorong constituency with 5,304 votes, while Norbu Wangchuk of PDP lost with 2,623 votes. From Bartsham-Shongpu constituency, Rinchen Wangdi of BTP won with 4,476 votes while Kinzang Wangdi of PDP secured only 3,174 votes.

From the Radhi-Sagteng constituency, Tashi Tenzin of BTP triumphed with 3,590 votes over Sonam Wangchuk of PDP who could secure just 3,231 votes. Likewise, Damche Tenzin from BTP won the election for the Thrimshing-Kangpara constituency with 2,680 votes from PDP’s Vice President, Dasho Dorji Choden who garnered 2,443 votes.

For Wamrong constituency, Lham Dorji from BTP won the election with 3,624 votes over Yeshey Nidup of PDP who accumulated 2,108 votes. With this, BTP took the lead in winning all the constituencies in Trashigang.

Kuenzang  Thinley from PDP was elected from Chhoekhor-Tang constituency in Bumthang dzongkhag with 2,476 votes against BTP’s Pema Norbu who lost with 1,993 votes. Sonam Rinchen of PDP also won the election for the Chumey-Ura constituency with 1,466 votes over Tshering Lhaden of BTP who lost with 1,210 votes. PDP takes the lead in winning both the constituencies from Bumthang dzongkhag.

The PDP won both the constituencies under Chhukha dzongkhag as well.

Over in Bongo-Chapcha constituency in Chhukha dzongkhag,  the Vice President of BTP lost the election with 3,228 votes against Pempa of PDP who took the lead securing 8,131 votes. Maita Raj Rai from BTP also lost the election for Phuentsholing constituency with 2,192 votes while Rinzin Dorji from PDP won with 6,766 votes.

Likewise, PDP takes the lead in winning both constituencies from Dagana Dzongkhag.

For the Drujegang-Tseza constituency in Dagana dzongkhag, Sonam Dorji from PDP triumphed over BTP’s Nima Tshering with 5,906 votes. Chandra Bdr. Gurung of PDP also won the election for the constituency of Lhamoizhingkha-Trashidhing constituency with 7,218 votes, while Prakash Sharma from BTP lost with 2,278 votes.

PDP also won both constituencies in Gasa dzongkhag. With 531 votes, Pema Drukpa of PDP won over Dhendup of BTP for the constituency of Khamead-Lunana. For the constituency of Khatoed-Laya, Ugyen Dem of BTP could secure just 222 votes, while LhabaLhaba of PDP managed 688 votes.

BTP took the lead by winning both constituencies under Lhuentse dzongkhag. Chimi Dorji from PDP lost with 2,385 votes for the constituency of Gangzur_Minjey over Loday Tsheten of BTP who won the election with 3,166 votes. Similarly, Tempa Dorji of  BTP won the election with 3,087 votes from Menbi-Tsaenkhar, while a former agriculture minister, Yeshey Dorji of  PDP lost with 2,853 votes.

PDP won both constituencies from Zhemgang. With 4,656 votes, PDP’s former economic affairs minister Lekey Dorji was elected while BTP’s Pema Dakpa lost with 2,954 votes in Baro-Trong constituency. Moreover, Lungten Dorji of PDP was elected with 3,716 votes, while Dorji Cheten from BTP lost the election after securing 2,216 votes in Panbang constituency.

Both parties won a constituency each from Samdrup Jongkhar dzongkhag. Younten Phuntsho from PDP won the election from Jomotsangkha-Martshala constituency under Samdrup Jongkhar dzongkhag securing 4,440 votes, while Jigme Wangchuk of BTP could secure only 4,040 votes. On the other hand, Tshering Penjor of BTP won the election for the constituency of Dewathang-Gomdar after getting 6,300 votes  while PDP’s Kelzang Phuntsho secured just 4,887 votes.

PDP secured both seats of the two constituencies from Sarpang. Harka S. Tamang from PDP secured 7,136 votes for Gelegphu constituency while Tek Bdr. Rai secured Shompangkha  constituency after getting 6, 592 votes.

PDP also secured both seats under Wangduephodrang dzongkhag. PDP candidate Kuenga secured the seat after securing 5,038 votes for the constituency of Nyishog-Saephu. Tandin Wangchuk of PDP also secured the seat for the constituency of Athang-Thedtsho after getting 4,231 votes.

The two candidates of PDP competing for the seats of two constituencies from Tsirang won the election and took the PDP to another level of competency. Kamal Bdr. Gurung won the Kilkhorthang-Mendrelgang constituency with a total vote of 5,800 while Lhakpa Tshering Tamang also won the election from Sergithang-Tsirangtoed constituency with 6,338 votes.

BTP and PDP secured one constituency each from Trongsa dzongkhag. Dorji of BTP lost to PDP after securing 1,976 votes for Dragteng-Langthil , while Phuntsho Dhendup of PDP lost the seat for Nubi-Tangsibji constituency to Tashi Dorji of BTP.

BTP secured both seats from the two constituencies of Trashi Yangtse dzongkhag. Wangdi of BTP secured the seat after winning 3,512 votes while Thinley Wangchuk of PDP lost after securing 2,735 votes. Similarly, Namgay Dorji of BTP also won with 4,169 votes in total, defeating Kinley Dorji of PDP who had 2,155 votes.

Around the Capital city, Thimphu, Sonam Penjor of BTP competing for the North Thimphu constituency lost the election after securing 1,787 votes against Tshering of PDP who won by securing 2,357 votes. From South Thimphu, Tshewang Rinzin from PDP triumphed in the election with 2,962 votes from BTP’s Tandin Tshering who garnered 2,927 votes.

The two constituencies from Punakha were also won over by the PDP. With 4,421 votes in total, Namgyal Dorji of PDP won the election for the constituency of Kabisa-Talog, while Namgay Wangchuk  secured the seat for PDP with 2,835 votes in total for the constituency of Lingmukha-Toedwang constituency.

BTP secured the seats in all three constituencies of Pemagatshel. For the Nganglam constituency, Lamdra Wangdi of BTP won the seat after securing 3,640 votes. For the Nanong-Shumar constituency, Yeshey Jamtsho of BTP won the election securing 4,255 votes against PDP’s Pema Wangchuk, while Sangay Thinley secured the seat for BTP in Khar-Yurung constituency with 4,448 votes.

All four PDP candidates from the four constituencies under Samtse dzongkhag secured the seats and won the election. PDP’s Ugyen Lama won the seat in Dophuchen-Tading constituency with 6,914 votes, DN Dhunngyel secured the seat of Phuentshopelri-Samtse, and Sangay Khandu won the election after securing 6,478 votes for the constituency of Tashichhoeling. Likewise, Dimple Thapa from PDP secured the seat in the Ugyentse-Yoeseltse constituency with 5,284 votes.

PDP alsio won in Paro dzongkhag seuring the seats in both constituencies. Gem Tshering of PDP was elected with 4,083 votes in total from the constituency of Dokar-Sharpa, whilst Sonam Tashi won the seat for Lamgong-Wangchang constituency with 4,237 votes.

BTP secured all the seats in Mongar dzongkhag. Dorji Wangmo from BTP won the election by securing 4,504 votes in Kengkhar-Weringla constituency, while Sonam Penjore of PDP lost the election with 3,298 votes. Naiten Wangchuk of BTP from Mongar constituency was elected securing 4,477 votes, while Kinzang Wangchuk also won the seat in the Drametse-Ngatshang constituency with a winning vote of 5,689.

From the 47 constituencies altogether, PDP won 30 seats and will serve as the ruling party, while BTP won 17 seats and will rule as an opposition party for the next five years in the NA.1

Tandin Tshewang from Thimphu