NC Deputy Chairperson says he represents all the people of Bhutan 

NC Deputy Chairperson says he represents all the people of Bhutan 

In an exclusive interview, National Council’s (NC) Deputy Chairperson, Dago Tsheringla, speaks with Business Bhutan’s Sangay Rabten.

BB: How do you feel being elected as the National Council (NC) Member and now deputy NC Chairperson?

Dy Chairperson: I served for more than 18 years in the education sector and had the dream to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum beyond the teaching cadre. Moreover, I felt it is my responsibility to the serve people and the right platform is through being a Parliamentarian in the NC.

Getting elected as a Deputy Chairperson was an immense pleasure. However, I understand this comes as a bigger responsibility.

BB: Why do you think you were elected among other candidates?

Dy Chairperson: Winning against an incumbent member was not easy. Yet, the victory is because the people of Haa have gained trust and confidence on me, as I have served in different capacities. In two decades, I have served as a teacher and principal prior to contesting in the NC election. I have taught the students as per the requirement which led to excellence in academic and shaping personal development. Parents were contended with my service and they remembered my contribution.

My services was not limited to my profession alone. I used to coordinate community services. I was a Desuung leader during the pandemic. Of all, I did not fail to serve the people of Haa.

BB: What will be your role as Dy NC Chair? How will you solve unforeseen issues in the House?

Dy Chairperson: The House is not one man’s showroom and cannot function single handedly. All should work towards fulfilling His Majesty’s vision. To protect our country’s sovereignty and security will be the priorities. I understand there are strong commitment from other elected and Eminent Members. With experiences from being a teacher and school administrator, I will cordially maintain good relationship with other members. I have trust and confidence in other members. Besides working as per the House rules, I will develop a conducive environment for the Secretariat staff with zero-confusion.

BB: How you will carry out your roles and responsibilities in five years? How will you assist the NC Chairperson?

Dy Chairperson: It will be the responsibilities of the Dy Chairperson to preside the Session during the absence of the Chairperson, as and when compelled by unforeseen inconveniences. I should lead the House of Committees of NC beside and being a spokesperson. I will have to look into the welfare of the staff and resolve the management issues that may arise.  Given the urgency and need, it will also the responsibility of Dy Chairperson to create awareness among the public on policies.

BB: What will be your priorities areas in the House of Review?

Dy Chairperson; The NC is House of Review. Always concerning His Majesty’s Vision and people’s aspiration, I will put my effort to review laws and will consult all the relevant stakeholders to legislate rules and regulations. It is important to frame conducive laws for the people from all walks of life. I will represent all the people of Bhutan.

BB: How you will work with the National Assembly (NA)?

Dy Chairperson: Both the Houses are equally important and there will be no different treatment. The House of Review will work as per the rules of procedures. We will discuss and deliberate with the National Assembly (NA). The NC will collaborate with NA.

BB: How are you going to fulfill your pledges?

Dy Chairperson: I will carry out my roles and responsibilities of NC and stress to frame rules and regulations with need arising from the transformation and the change of time. I will also solve problems concerning issues connected with implementation of laws.

BB: Any other comments.

Dy Chairperson: Timely dissemination of information through media is important and I will collaborate with the media. I wish and pray to end five year term fruitfully.

Dago Tsheringla, from Samar in Haa won from the incumbent member Ugyen Namgay by 589 votes in the National Council elections of April, 2023. He secured 2,690 votes from six gewogs.

People of Haa said that he had the advantage of his experience as a school principal. Further, voter base in the upper parts of the dzongkhag is large. Haa had 8,447 eligible voters and the voter turnout was 56.7 percent. Dago Tsheringla secured 2,054 electronic voting machine (EVM) and 636 postal ballots (PB) votes.

Dago Tsheringla, was elected as the Deputy Chairperson with nine votes.