DAPPA A Tale of Transformation from Construction to Culinary Success

DAPPA A Tale of Transformation from Construction to Culinary Success

In a remarkable display of grit and determination, Duptho Kezang has carved a unique path from the construction sector to the realm of culinary entrepreneurship, culminating in the establishment of his thriving company, DAPPA. His journey is a testament to resilience, overcoming challenges, and unwavering dedication.

Facing initial skepticism from his family regarding his unconventional career trajectory, Duptho remained resolute in his pursuit of entrepreneurship. In 2021, armed with a budget of approximately Nu 1.1 million, he founded DAPPA, a venture specializing in delectable meat snacks.

With a background in electronics and communications, Duptho initially encountered difficulties finding his footing in the job market. His diverse work experiences, ranging from the construction sector to managing a bar in the capital, eventually led him to chart his own entrepreneurial path with DAPPA.

Initially envisioning a focus on sausage manufacturing, Duptho encountered obstacles due to a lack of suitable machinery. However, through strategic financial support from entities such as the National Credit Guarantee Scheme (NCGS), Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC), and DHI Biz, he pivoted towards producing Beef Jerky.

Reflecting on his journey, Duptho expressed gratitude for the Nu.1 million grant from DAMC and a Nu. 0.5 million loan from DHI Biz, which were instrumental in realizing his entrepreneurial vision. Despite facing challenges in the competitive market landscape, Dupthoโ€™s perseverance bore fruit, with DAPPA now generating an impressive monthly revenue of around Nu 1.05 million.

Acknowledging the limitations of the domestic market, Duptho aspires to expand his reach and explore export opportunities. However, he highlights hurdles related to certification requirements and financial access, emphasizing the importance of credit scores to avert potential mortgage crises in the future.

Looking ahead, Duptho plans to diversify DAPPAโ€™s product line to include pork sausages, fish products, and specialized jerky for diverse consumer demographics. Targeting grocery shops and border students as key clientele, he envisions exporting his products to regions like Sikkim and Tawang, pending proper certification procedures.

In a bold move towards further growth, Duptho aims to establish a meat processing plant in Tsirang at the Changchey Industrial Park, underlining his commitment to innovation and expansion in the culinary domain.

Duptho Kezangโ€™s transformative journey exemplifies the rewards of passion, hard work, and unyielding dedication in the face of challenges. His success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, embodying the belief that perseverance and commitment can lead to fulfilling accomplishments in the entrepreneurial landscape.

By Sherab Dorji, Thimphu