6,694 youth registers for Gyalsung Programme

6,694 youth registers for Gyalsung Programme

As of December 8, 2023, 6,694 youth have registered for Gyalsung.  Of the 6,694, 3729 are females and 2965 males.  

Further 15,941 have signed up for the program. Of the total signed up, 7,210 are male and 8,731 are female. According to a Gyalsung official, signing up is the requirement for creating a Gyalsung account by Bhutanese youth when they turn 15 years old.

Meanwhile, the Bhutanese youth born in 2005 and who attain the age of 18 this year can register for the Gyalsung training program online. The Gyalsung National Service website allows eligible youths to sign up and register for the program.

Signing up is the first step and creating an account on the portal.gyalsung.bt page. Those who attain the age of 18 must proceed to register after opening their account and then proceed to update their profile with their current address and guardian information.

However, there are some exemptions made for those individuals, including monks, physically and mentally unfit people, and pregnant women. They have to attach a document to support the exemption.

Further, if there are individuals who want to seek deferment, they should stand for postponement. An individual can seek deferment if they are 18 but in a lower class than twelve or are temporarily physically unfit during the time of registration. They also have to attach a document to support the deferment.

Gyalsung will also provide an opportunity for those who want to join Gyalsung earlier than the eligible age, but they must complete class XII and should get consent from their parents or guardians. 

The launch of the Gyalsung project in 2024 is poised to equip young Bhutanese with the personal attributes, discipline, and professional skills necessary for success in the 21st century. This not only promises to make them active contributors to the nation’s progress but also empowers them to forge their paths in life.

The registration for Gyalsung will remain open until 17 January 2024.  

Nidup Lhamo from Thimphu