Youth attend spiritual retreat camp in Radhi

More than 200 scouts from different schools across Trashigang participated in a three-day Nazhoen spiritual retreat camp in Radhi Middle Secondary School in Trashigang with the theme “Together for Positive Change.”

The spiritual camp for youth, the first of its kind, organized by the Trashigang Dzongkhag scout association ends tomorrow.

Leki Tshering, the camp director said that the camp will provide good learning experience on Bhutanese culture and traditional values. “Students also have the opportunity to explore the hidden value of every ceremonial offering that we practice.”

He also said that the main aim of organizing such a camp is to provide a platform for the students to upscale and value the daily practices in Bhutanese setting and to take back those values and inspire other students through it.

The camp also focuses on the development of the personality of the participants: the mental, intellectual, spiritual and social aspects.

Cultural activities, community services, adventure activities and general activities were also conducted.

“The students were also taught on the marchang ceremony, prostration, cultural hike and zhudrephuensumtshogpa,” said the camp director.

Pema Choda, a participant from Jigme Sherubling Central School, said that he is participating in such a retreat camp for the first time. “I am happy to be one of the participants and I will share whatever values I have learned from the camp with my friends back in school.”

Tandin Dorji, another participant from Sherubtse College, also said that he learnt about the significance of ceremonial offerings like marchang na d Choep-water offering. He looks forward to sharing his new insights with his friends in college.

Another participant said that she learnt not only about Bhutanese cultural values but the importance behind them. “I also got an opportunity to share ideas, interact with other nazhoen scouts and experience many adventures like cultural hike.”

Meanwhile, the camp director said that students can experience camp life and share ideas and experiences gained with other scouts in such settings.

Jigme Wangchen from Radhi, T/gang