With the by-election for Chhoekhor-Tang constituency to happen anytime, Business Bhutan’s senior reporter Chencho Dema interviews Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s candidate Dawa who will contest for the second time after losing in the 2018 election against his uncle, the former OL who resigned in August.

According to people there are factors such as PDP’s vote, OL’s popularity, DPT’s strong vote bank in the Chhoekhor –Tang constituency which could be possible obstacles in winning the bye-election. What is your view on this?

A: A party is only a vehicle of choice, while politics is the means to fulfilling the aspirations of the people of my constituency, and realizing my commitment to them. I don’t view this election as a contest between two political parties. It is more about the people’s priorities that should take center stage. It is up to the people of Chhoekhor-Tang to decide on a representative worthy of such a mandate. I will put in sincere efforts to convince every voter, not because I need to win but for the choice I want to offer them.

So far, the constituency and the district have been known for its representation by some incomparable talents. It has to continue and I hope the people will give me the privilege.

Q. Do you think that Nanong-Shumar could replicate in Chhoekhor-Tang? Why?

A: It is a fact that election outcomes are unpredictable, with many factors coming into play. It will be unfair to judge the outcomes of today based on what transpired in the past. However, my earnest hope is for a clean and professional conduct of election, such that it leaves a positive impression of the process, the people and the representation.

Q. What does winning this bye-election mean to you?

A: Ultimately, people have to win, not me or whoever is contesting the elections. But yes, as I stated earlier, I see the participation in election as my calling and winning automatically would mean that it is answered. It would then mean I have to shoulder my responsibility at the Parliament and serve the people to the best of my ability. Working closely with the government, it would also mean realizing the collective good for our people and the district.

Q. Do you think PDP’s votes would make a difference during the election? A: I seek the support of every voter and the blessings of everyone in Chhoekhor-Tang. Every vote counts. It comes with the trust and confidence in my candidature and I will strive to live up to the expectations every vote brings. I will value every vote, irrespective of which party, because this would clearly define our constituents’ understanding and preference of a candidate choice we are offering.