Hold the fort Recently, the number of COVID-19 cases in the country crossed 300. It certainly does not bode well for Bhutan because we are discovering new infections on a regular basis. But one thing all of us learnt during this pandemic is the lesson of being systematic, acting swiftly and decisively and on time. […]

Crypto currency not a legal tender in the country

Recently, crypto currency has been the buzz word in the world of finance and Bhutanese seem to be getting fast interested in the concept of cashless transactions as well. They are using various mobile apps and sharing the chain and network.  However, according to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Thimphu Techpark, Dr Tshering Cigay Dorji, […]

CSI bank comes up with friendly loan scheme for farmers

The National Cottage and Small Industry Development (NCSID) bank as an investor has developed a client friendly investment scheme, which targets end to end support to plug the gap of inadequacies in farming business. As a pilot this year the bank aims to focus on selected winter vegetables mainly chili, onion, tomato and garlic to […]

National Credit Guarantee Scheme to 100% debt finance CSIs

Last week, the government launched the National Credit Guarantee Scheme (NCGS) to enhance access to financing as a counter cyclical policy measure during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. It will sustain investments by easing access to credit during the COVID-19 times. The government will guarantee a portion of the loans availed for establishing a viable business […]

With the by-election for Chhoekhor-Tang constituency to happen anytime, Business Bhutan’s senior reporter Chencho Dema interviews Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s candidate Dawa who will contest for the second time after losing in the 2018 election against his uncle, the former OL who resigned in August.

According to people there are factors such as PDP’s vote, OL’s popularity, DPT’s strong vote bank in the Chhoekhor –Tang constituency which could be possible obstacles in winning the bye-election. What is your view on this? A: A party is only a vehicle of choice, while politics is the means to fulfilling the aspirations of […]