WCCL merged with NRDCL

The WCCL shall cease to exist from the April 1

Upon amalgamation of the Wood Craft Centre Limited (WCCL) with the Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) with effect from April 1, the management of the WCCL has been merged with the NRDCL through a simple handing taking ceremony yesterday.

The event was attended by the Chairman, Board members and management team of the erstwhile WCCL and the Chief Executive Officer and management team of NRDCL. The merger of two companies was reportedly based on the strategic realignment of WCCL business activities in the wood-based industries.

According to the NRDCL, the WCCL shall cease to exist from the April 1 and the Centre will be now referred as Wood Craft Centre (WCC) under the NRDCL and will continue to function from Langjophakha, Thimphu. Amalgamation is aimed at setting industry benchmarks and reinforcing the mandate of making timber resources affordable, available and accessible to the general public.

NRDCLs Chief Executive Officer also met with the employees of WCC and reiterated on the importance of working together towards achieving the overall objective of the amalgamation as envisioned by Druk Holding and Investments Ltd.

Staff Reporter from Thimphu