Villagers rattled by stray horses in Kanglung

Villagers rattled by stray horses in Kanglung

Stray horses remain a challenge for both the farmers and the gewog administration office in Kanglung

There have recently been issues of an increasing number of stray horses destroying crops and gardens in Kanglung, Trashigang, which has become a concern for both the farmers and the gewog administration here.

While farmers chase away the animal during the day, but again, during the night, the horses come back to the fields and damage their crops. It has been a challenge for the farmers too to keep these horses away from the village.

Kanglung Gup Kinzang Dorji said that the residents are worried over the number of stray horses and the gewog administration is helpless because these loitering stray horses don’t have owners.

“Merak residents already left for their summer pastureland and the ones behind do not own those horses,” he said, adding that the gewog administration even talked to those residents who have not left.

The Gup said the gewog office along with the residents also tried to chase the stray horses to Yongphula and Khentongmani.

“But still, the horses come back after a few days.”

“The horses pose a risk to the school-going students and even the residents of Kanglung are at risk,” he said, adding that the gewog office is not able to take full control over the horses.

He added that some horses even died, and the gewog office took the responsibility to clean the sites where horses had died in the past. “We are not even able to take the horses because it is risky to do so without the real owners of the horses being present,” he said.

Meanwhile, the gewog office is aware of the challenge that farmers face. Till today, the gewog administration has been consulting the horse owners whether these horses belong to them. Till now, no one came forward.

A resident from Kanglung, Karma said the horses are running wild near the school sometimes, which poses a risk to the smaller students.

He said the right owner should take their horses back because one cannot take the horses as it may be construed as stealing in the absence of the owners.

Another resident, Dechen said she went to pick up her daughter from the school and the horses were running in groups inside the school ground campus.

“My friends and I even chased the horses away from the school; however, due to a large number of horses they hardly moved,” she added.

Another resident from Kanglung, Jigme Wangdi said the horses were loitering around the area and mostly on the roadside, possessing risk even to the ongoing vehicles.

Most of the residents say everyone is trying to chase the horses away from the area, especially from the Kanglung primary school as the school has several small children.

The Kanglung gewog administration office has requested the rightful owners of the horses to come and get their horses given the threat to the people in the area.

Sonam Tashi from Trashigang