Video showing bullying incident goes viral

The man who was shown in a video bullying another including physically assaulting him and making the victim lick his boots has gone viral in social media, prompting the police to arrest him on Thursday at the suspect’s home in Darla gewog in Phuentsholing.

The 24-year-old man has been accused of bullying the 19-year-old man as captured in the video which was posted on Facebook by the victim’s sister.

The video has infuriated viewers and public sentiments.

The suspect and three of his friends who were with him that night are now in police custody.

Talking to Business Bhutan, the mother of the suspect said the family was shocked to see the video where their son was bullying someone. “It is a very regretful act and I am still in a state of shock. His father battered him after he learnt about the incident,” she said.

She said the victim and her son had met a month ago in Paro after they almost got into an accident with a taxi that the victim was traveling in. That was from there the whole issue started.

The incident in the video had happened about a month ago and till date the victim had not shared about this to anyone.

The suspect had graduated from the Royal Thimphu College (RTC) back in 2016.

Meanwhile, RTC posted a statement with regard to the issue clarifying that the incident had not happened in the college premises.

The statement read, “In this case, the victim and the bully were never at RTC together (separated by over a year’s gap), and it is unfortunate that their paths crossed in this way. They had a private altercation in Paro over a month ago. The bully sought further action and called the victim off-campus when this happened, also about a month ago. The college has just recently learned about this and does not wish to dishonor the victim’s and his family’s right to privacy, but immediately provided full support and monitoring to ensure the safety of the student, and the perpetrator is already in police custody.”

The statement also mentioned that the college rejects any assertion that it would allow any bullying to happen within its realm of control. “It should be obvious that bulling is not ‘allowed’ here or anywhere else. The college takes any violent acts/bullying seriously and any current students involved in such incidents would face disciplinary action, including expulsion. Lessons will have to be learned from this incident and institutionalized,” reads the statement from RTC.

Meanwhile, Colonel Dorji Wangchuk from the Royal Bhutan Police said where there is a social issue, it is the duty of the police to intervene. This issue was also notified to police via social media.

Tashi Lhamo Rinzin, the elder sister of the victim told Business Bhutan that during her brother’s first semester break, he was in Paro. The suspect who was driving his green car met an accident with a taxi on the way to Kyichu, when the suspect was having an argument, the victim who happened to at the scene intervened which resulted in a fight between them.

She also added saying that there were other people at the scene who also got into a fight with the suspect, however, the suspect was under intoxication and could only remember the face of the victim.

Later through his friends, he managed to get the address of the victim and started to harass him. On that unfortunate night, the victim had gone to meet the suspect with the hope to solve it for once and all, but it resulted in an ugly scenario.

The victim is a first year student of RTC and the incident had occurred outside the premise of the college.

One of her cousin sisters had sent her the video via Facebook messenger to confirm if it was their brother who was being assaulted. The video was then already uploaded in social media.

“It was my brother, I was shocked,” she said.

Then after that she had uploaded the video on her page which later went viral. Based on her post the arrest was made by the police.

The suspect, along with his three friends, has been arrested and detained for further investigation.

Chencho Dema from Thimphu