IIDD starts getting application for industrial plots 

The Industries Infrastructure Development Department (IIDD) under the economic affairs ministry has started receiving application for the development of industries in four industrial parks in the country.

IIDD’s Chief Engineer, Kezang Deki said the department will soon start allotting plots to the applicants.

For the Motanga Industrial Estate in Samdrup Jongkhar, the department has already started allocation of the plots.

The department will evaluate the applications based on the set criteria before awarding plots. The department has also submitted the lease rate for approval to the ministry in December, 2016.

Kezang Deki said the rate is expected to be out from July this year.

However, for the lease rate, without receiving formal approved lease rate from the economic affairs ministry, the department has fixed interim rate for the plots. The department until receiving the approved lease rate will be using the interim rate.

“We have come up with an interim rate as we know that the parks are not yet complete and we are unable to provide complete services,” Kezang Deki said. The basic amenities in these industrial parks are almost complete. Water supply, road and electricity have been provided. The office buildings are also complete in three parks, except for Motanga which will be completed soon.

Of the four industrial parks, the rates are different and it’s expected to be higher at the Dhamdhum Industrial Park. The rates are fixed based on Government Reserve Forest (GRF) lease rate and must be approved by the ministry.

“The rate is derived based on the criteria and the factors for the development of the industries and conveniences,” Kezang Deki said.

“The total number of industries is yet to be ascertained in these four industrial parks and will know only after the allotment is complete. The type of industries depends on the proposal,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Bondeyma Industrial Park has an area of 110.34 acres and is developed to promote cottage and small scale industries that would be producing indigenous goods. The park is located on a terraced land beside the confluence of Kurichhu and Maurichhu rivers at Lingmethang, about 30 km south of Monggar town. There are 134 plots created for allotment.

The Dhamdum Industrial Park has an area of 349.07 acres and is located approximately 1.5 km on the western side of Samtse town and the Dhamdum river runs on the north-western part of the site. The Indian border of West Bengal lies at a distance of about 400 m at the nearest point in the southern part of the site. The park will accommodate clean-tech industries due to its close proximity to Samtse town. Around 42 plots have been created here for low polluting agro-based industries.

Meanwhile, the Jigmeling Industrial Park in Sarpang has an area of 755.77 acres and is located in Jigmeling, Sarpang. It is about 2.5 km north of Indo-Bhutan international boundary and 9 km and 12 km to the west of Gelephu airport and Gelephu town respectively. The park will accommodate mineral, forest and food and agro-based industries. Around 136 plots have been created in this zone for allotment.

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing