Two candidates in race to become Gelephu’s next Thrompon

Two candidates in race to become Gelephu’s next Thrompon

The Thromde has around 1,542 eligible voters

Gelephu voters will see the 2016 Thromde elections repeat again as the former Thrompon will face the erstwhile 2016 candidate during the upcoming Gelephu Thromde elections on April 28.

The former Gelephu Thrompon, Tikaram Kafley said the personal interest and passion to serve the people of Gelephu Thromde has inspired him to continue to work and contest for a second term.

The 46 years old candidate has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and masters’ degree in geotechnical engineering. He will represent the Jampeling Demkhong.

Prior to becoming the Thrompon in 2016, he worked as an engineer for 15 years.

“The 20 years of work experience has enhanced my technical, human and conceptual skills that can be implemented for the work at hand,” said Tikaram Kafley.

“Having a big vision for Gelephu Thromde, the Thromde has initiated many infrastructure related projects of long-term nature requiring continuity and in order to implement these works for someone who is new would be a big-time lag,” he added.

Thirty-eight Tshering Norbu will be contesting again for the Thrompon post after having had lost to Tikaram Kafley in 2016. He will represent the Tashiling Demkhong.

Tshering Norbu has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Sherubtse College. He was also a National Council candidate from Sarpang Dzongkhag in 2018 and has also worked as an Information Communication and Technology Officer with the information and communications ministry.

“I have a deep desire to see Gelephu as a city of progress and opportunities,” he said. “My experience as a resident of Gelephu Throm has allowed me to be a keen observer of challenges and opportunities of Gelephu Throm,” said Tshering Norbu.


Both the candidates pledged to make Gelephu into a model city in the country that has a potential to create employment and enhance productivity.

Tikaram Kafley said Gelephu has an easily accessible infrastructures and effective services, while Tshering Norbu said Gelegphu Throm has a vast potential with geographical and economic advantages which are yet to be harnessed to its potential.

Moreover, the candidates pledged to address the youth issues, care for the elderly people, sewerage, waste management, drainage, streetlights, quality water supply, roads, and disaster response reduction among others.

The youths are getting into substance abuse, Tikaram Kafley said, and pledged to emphasize on youth engagement programs through development of sports complex and rehabilitation program.

Tshering Norbu said, “Employment generation and social recreation for youth and elderly people can be achieved if we can promote Gelephu as a sports hub and introduce socio-cultural activities and events year-round to ensure meaningful engagement.”

The candidates also pledged to address the unpredictable natural disasters and flood protection programs.

“Gelephu is poised with unpredictable disasters from time to time. In order to tackle such mishaps timely, the Disaster Response Team will have to be strengthened with proper equipment and mobility,” said Tikaram Kafley.

Similarly, Tshering Norbu said he would prioritize the training for disaster management to prevent mishap, which occurred in 2020 within six months in office.

“My focus will be in the area of improving basic amenities such as roads, drainage, sewerage, flood protection, street lights and installation of CCTV to ensure safe and healthy city and finally ensuring 24 hours drinking water for the residence of Gelegphu and protection of Moukhola Treatment Plant,” he added.

Tshering Norbu also pledged to ensure good governance by having public consultation and coherent partnership with government agencies to enable timely service delivery driven by IT enabled governance.

“Conserving rich biodiversity and environment shall be equally important,” he added. 

After another five years of tenure, Tikaram Kafley said he foresees Gelephu Thromde as a well-planned city with ample green spaces, wider roads, adequate and proper designated parkings, well planned Local Area Plans, comfortable and accessible infrastructures and efficient public services.

Thukten Zangpo from Thimphu