Tshewang Lhamo from Chhukha to advocate for women empowerment

The first National Council (NC) Member of Parliament from Chhukha, Tshewang Lhamo who is recontesting the third council elections won the primary round from her gewog, securing 275 Yes votes and 18 No.

Thirty-seven year old Tshewang Lhamo from Bjabcho gewog wants to be a beacon for women by inspiring and empowering them if elected.

“I want to represent women in the parliament,” she said.

She plans to reinvest her experience in the field she left back in 2013. Since she is aware of the pertinent issues in her dzongkhag , she wants to address these and help her community.

Tshewang Lhamo graduated with Bachelors in Commerce from North Eastern Hill University, Shillong in 2005.

“In my previous stint as NC MP, I understood my people’s situation well and now, I am ready to resolve them,” she said.

Tshewang Lhamo added that the line of service she has chosen is not new to her and her people know her well.

Her other plans include reviving agricultural practices in the dzongkhag and facilitating better employment opportunities. She feels that the dzongkhag is capable of becoming food self sufficient and she wants to revise policies to expedite this.

“Youth have good opportunity to earn through agriculture. Better policies need to be framed to encourage farming and access to market,” she said.

Tshewang Lhamo also holds a Diploma in Hospitality Management from Kalimpong.

Krishna Ghalley from Chhukha