REC revises English and Math textbooks for classes IV to VI

The Royal Education Council (REC) has concluded the review exercise involving relevant and experienced teachers to streamline the ‘Reading and Literature’ contents for classes IV to VI.

Accordingly, from class IV Reading and Literature Textbooks, 17 topics like Maybe a Fight, My Friend, The Dip, Weeding with Dad, I speak, I say, I talk and underground, and Road to Freedom were removed.

Rabbit, survival in the city, the bully and welcome to TV land are some of the topics out of the eight topics that have been removed from class V textbooks and 16 topics from class VI textbooks were dropped and these topics will not be included in the future reprint version of the text.

English curriculum developer, SangayTshering, said since no new topics have been added in the text, the edition of the textbooks remains unchanged as reflected in the booklist.

“Further, the teachers and students can continue using the latest reprint of the existing edition,” he said.

According to SangayTshering, teachers and students were concerned about the thickness of the textbooks and this issue was there for a very long time.

“It took three years for us to review and finally we came out with this outcome,” he said.

“We have attached the list of the topics that have been removed from the Reading and Literature textbooks of classes IV to VI and sent it to Chief DEO of all the Dzongkhags on Thursday,” he added.

Meanwhile, the review exercise was carried out accordingly as per the resolution of the National Curriculum Conference, 2016 and as recommended by the study of the Evaluation of School English Curriculum (PP-XII) last yearto reduce the ‘bulkiness’ of the curriculum.

The review committee accordingly went through the contents and proposed the removal of some short stories, essays and poems from each class.

As the English curriculum will be in place for more than 10years, SangayTshering said REC plans to conduct review of current English curriculum (PP-XII) in the 12th Plan.

And as recommended by the study of the Evaluation of School Mathematics Curriculum (PP-XII), the REC also conducted an exercise to validate and incorporate the recommendations for classes PP to VI.

According to mathematicscurriculum developer, there are no major changes in the content and the edition remains unchanged. In reprint 2017 textbooks, new topics have been added.

“Some lessons have been deleted and some units rearranged without losing the overall essence. Therefore, teachers can still continue using the latest available reprint textbooks in the schools in keeping with the existing book life policy of three years,” said the mathematics curriculum developer.

It was also shared that in 12thPlan, REC is planning to come up with a colored math textbooks and would replace the supply of the existing mathematic manipulative of the school by magnetic math manipulative to improve the teaching learning process.

Meanwhile, all the primary schools were instructed to take note of the changes in the content of the curriculum and implement them accordingly.

Pema Seldon from Thimphu