Try to play your role to perfection – Swami Prakarshananda

In life, we play many roles but there is one principal role that we share in common – to be the best human being possible. If prime importance is given to this role, then we will excel in the play of our other roles. Examine the life of Krishna. We find that he played every role to perfection – the role of a cowherd with his little friends, the role of a mischievous son, the part of a warrior, a king and even the role of charioteer. Can you imagine the controller of the whole universe tending horses, washing them, putting all the dung into a dung pit?

He did this to demonstrate that we must each be ready to play the role ‘assigned’ to us without any complaints. Observe the quality of the mind, when we have performed sincerely and given our best with no ulterior motives.

In every stage of life, each one has various roles to play. However, at any given point of time we have to focus on the role that is predominant under the given circumstances.  For example, while at work in a corporate office, the predominant role is of an employee; other roles are secondary. If one lets the role of a husband, father or friend interfere with the role as an employee, one will not be able to do full justice to it. The attention will be divided and the performance will at best be mediocre.

Maintain constant vigil, give priority to the role that the situation demands and also ensure that there is no intermixing of roles. This will guarantee that we give total attention to the task in hand, work to the best of our ability and maximise our potential. All else should be of no consequence at that time. The art of being aware of our thoughts and giving single-pointed attention to the role at hand, leads to increased levels of concentration.

Each role comes with its own set of duties. While playing the role of a student, we must appreciate that the primary duty of a student is to work hard and excel in studies, maintain good health and ensure a conducive, learning atmosphere. In the role of a housewife, it is the duty of the lady, to care for the welfare of every family member and do the best by each one. Simultaneously, the homemaker must maintain her own physical as well as emotional wellbeing.

Thus, to avoid their intermingling, each one needs to master the technique of constant vigil, while playing the diverse roles presented at any given time. This will not happen in one day. A practice of continuous alertness towards the flow of thoughts while performing the action is required. Other distracting thoughts should be restrained from entering the mind. In the absence of alertness, an unsuspecting mind will entertain unnecessary thoughts from all directions. This will drastically affect the performance and reduce it to average or substandard levels.

For stability, peace and harmony to prevail, it is crucial to channelise one’s energy towards constructive actions.  It is essential to distinguish between constructive enabling actions and negative actions. Negative thoughts and actions which create instability, disturbance, disharmony need to be eliminated. To elevate the mind, it is vital and extremely important to follow these guidelines.