Thromde asks houseowners to paint their rooftops

Painting roofs using light color materials is meant to make the city cooler in summer and prevent extreme temperature with uniform roofs.

Thimphu Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said the thromde has notified the owners on the roof policy through media whereby the thromde has informed the building owners to paint their roofs. 

Thrompon added that the sole aim for the roof paints is to avoid the reflection of the sun rays from the roofs of the building, especially during the summer, when there is intense heat from the sun which causes reflection from the roofs making the temperature extremely hot in the town.

Moreover, the Thromde urges the people to paint their rooftops red, brown or green color to resist global warming; the owners are given the choice to paint the roofs with one of these colors.

Thrompon added, “I cannot say for other dazongkhags but the buildings in Thimphu will be painted.” Currently, there are a few buildings which are left unpainted-these are the houses still using old roofs. 

Further, the new roofs are all pre-painted roofs made up of corrugated galvanized iron (CGI) sheet roof which does not need the painting on it. “There are some buildings which are using paints instead of the CGI sheet roof.”

The Thromde is providing time to the building owners in Thimphu to paint their roof-tops. “If they fail to paint the roofs within the given time, the building inspectors will inspect the houses and they will not provide the building owners with occupancy certificate.”

One Thimphu resident said: “The thromde has initiated a good policy for rooftops and I am also on the verge of painting my rooftop.”

There are around 6,500 houses in Thimphu from which minority of the roofs are left unpainted so the Thromde has been requesting the owners to paint their roofs as soon as possible.

Sonam Tashi from Thimphu