Police investigates sexual assault of 24-year-old woman

After spending almost a week in the detention cell, a 22-year-old man was released on surety after he was alleged of sexually assaulting a 24-year old woman in the morning of March 3 in Olakha, Thimphu.

The incident was believed to have happened at around 5 am. The act was reported to police by the victim’s sister-in-law. During the time of the incident, there were no males in the house of the victim.

Although the police investigating the crime scene found no evidences like breakage of the door, the victim was taken to the hospital for medical examination and the report was negative meaning no sign of sexual assault.

Police said that the victim confirmed to police that the 22-year old suspect had sexually assaulted her.

The confirmation was made based on the suspect’s jacket which had fur inside and his hair style. Based on the description, police made the arrest.

The victim is currently admitted in the psychiatric ward and police are still investigating the case to find out the truth and also the mental state of the victim.

Police told Business Bhutan that the alleged suspect and the victim were not known to each other despite living in the same building and were neighbors but had seen each other.

Police also shared that with the case under investigation they cannot say if the act of sexual assault was committed or not. “We are in the process of gathering information,” said a police official.

Chencho Dema from Thimphu