Thrizin, Thrizin, Thrizin of Zhemgang, Wherefore Art Thou A Thrizin? – Yeshey Dorji

Of late, I have been hearing of a bizarre decision supposedly taken by the Thrizin of Zhemgang Dzongkhag Tshogdu. From what I hear, the Thrizin wants to make it compulsory for every one in the Dzongkhag (District) to wear our national dress.

The fact that whole lots of people have ridiculed the decision and made the Thrizin a butt of whole lot of jokes is clear indication that there are not many who think he is being serious. Such a regressive decision is neither progressive, nor productive. But I hear that the man is dead serious about carrying through his decision.

Now what is to be seen is whether the laws in place will permit him to enforce a rule that impacts at a national level – not merely the people of his Dzongkhag. Well, I suppose if we go and elect a XXXXXX, we have to live with one. My census too is in Zhemgang but I am happy to tell you that I did not vote for him.

There is something that intrigues me though. According to what I hear, the Thrizin is proposing this national dress rule – as a means to “serve the country and preserve our culture”. But he proposes that the rule be applicable only from 9AM until 5PM. That is generous of him.

But the question I want to ask the Thrizin is this: What happens to our cultural values, ethical standards and the need to serve the nation – after 5PM until 9AM in the morning? Can Khengpas go completely lawless and uncouth; shorn of culture, etiquette and discipline – during this time? Is it acceptable that cultural sensitivity and duty to the Tsa Wa Soom be given a reprieve at certain intervals?

Please hammer some sense into the Thrizin. He is obviously clueless about what he is doing.

(The writer is a member of the Rotary Club and an avid blogger and photographer)