The Year that was 2017 – Dawa Tamang


My year started with a new chapter, I left my previous job and headed for Thimphu. That time, I had only 14k in my pocket, and that was the last salary cheque I received from my previous job. I booked an apartment in Thimphu and I wasn’t sure whether I would be in a position to pay rents for two apartments. I asked the owner at Thimphu, who later, became a good friend, for some time to pay the advance. But few projects were there in hand and I wasn’t sure whether I would be in a position to clear off the advance. Trust me, I lived in one of the most luxurious homes in Thimphu for few months. It’s like I really don’t know when I will be successful, but I already have stories to narrate over my preceding struggling days.

My other friend helped me with a truck to transport my luggage, I will always remain thankful for this act. Because those were the difficult days.

So, there I was in Thimphu, after resigning, a friend fixed me a job with his cousin and eleven days after resignation, I joined one of the top five leading construction companies in Bhutan, whereby I worked for some eight months with good increment and benefits. I however left that job in order to persuade a technical research paper, which I failed to compile due to lack of data. It felt like as if the whole universe wanted to show me the other side, and it wasn’t happy days for me.

Life in Thimphu was very fast, as there were many projects to be completed and time was something I didn’t have, I didn’t have for myself nor my family members and loved ones – I still am battling with time management. In all these hassle, I started to miss out few deadlines and few charity works which I had promised but couldn’t complete. This was the year I got married, and in a funny way, when I got married, I was having few projects in my hand but wasn’t employed. I believe, if a woman doesn’t leave you when you are unemployed and broke, then she is a catch. That’s how the journey of my marriage began, with no job and with a wife.

After leaving that job, over the span of some three months, I was working with folks on project basis, and I am not sure how well the clients would execute my designs, but I got few reasons for myself to be proud of – not many at my age would have designed drainage network for the entire city. There were other projects as well, like one with the colony whereby I was involved with some 12 houses to be designed, storm water, water supply and sewage network as well.

This was the year, I finally was in a position to afford a mode of transportation for myself, and actually have dared to open up a firm – didn’t because capital is step mother. She hasn’t embraced me for now.

When I look back, this was one hell of a year. I married a wonderful woman, who is always better than me in anything. Quite a talented lady I should say, good with books, has looks, love the way she cooks. Loves me with all her heart, what else should a man look into a woman? Besides, she’s much more qualified than I am.

It was a year of hopping jobs from here and there. It was a year whereby I got engaged with many interesting projects. Well, some of those projects were too interesting that I was sad for weeks for not getting them – why do people quote too low?

All in all, I am satisfied with this year, I sort of felt that I grew into a wiser person and gained a lot of experience. This was also the year, I presented one research paper and got paid for that. I wrote two articles for newspapers and got paid for one. It was a year of knowing few powerful people and few mediocre – it was the year of joy, failure, satisfaction, hope, disharmony, adversaries, reading books, writing technical proposals, achieving few goals and miserably failing at some. It was the year of learning new skills, presenting and pitching ideas, learning the art of bidding tenders. All in all, it was the year whereby I realized my own worth, and I am still in a mode of experimentation. I realized I have changed a bit, that I am not that anxious nor depressed or stressed during my bad days – perhaps its the marriage, I have learned to embrace calmness in all. And yes, I realized that it wasn’t something new, just that I learned new perspectives.

When I look back over the past days that have gone by, I cannot help but feel a bit satisfied. And I look for my upcoming days to be more interesting, whether sad or happy, I now think, that I can cope up.

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