The sky shall roar with the thunderous applause of Palden Drukpa Gyalo!!

Bhutanese across the globe resonate their sentiments for the much anticipated 116th National Day celebrations

On December 17, 1907, Trongsa Penlop Ugyen Wangchuck became Bhutan’s first King and laid the foundations of the Wangchuck Dynasty. Since then, under subsequent Kings, Bhutan has witnessed unprecedented peace and prosperity. December 17, is thus celebrated as the National Day of the country. The day fosters a sense of unity and patriotism amongst the people of Bhutan, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to celebrate their shared identity as a Bhutanese.

In order to enable people to express their feelings, Business Bhutan spoke to Bhutanese citizens across the globe to get their thoughts on the importance of the National Day.

Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering, Politician

National Day is the only day in the year where all Bhutanese get to listen to His Majesty together and know His Majesty’s vision for the country’s future, hopes for the Bhutanese, and that is the only day in the year where all of us—the King, Royal family members, and all Bhutanese—will raise our hands in the air and say ‘Palden Drukpa Gyalo’:  in unity and a show of love and dedication for our King and the country. Moreover, National Day is a day in the year where we get to remind ourselves of our gratitude to our past and present leaders and seniors.

Thinley Namgyel, Secretary MoAF

National Day is very significant and important to Bhutan and all Bhutanese. This was the day when the coronation of the first Druk Gyalpo Ugyen Wangchuck took place, and with it came the dawn of an era of peace, prosperity, and happiness under the benevolent reign of the Wangchuck Dynasty. I am eagerly looking forward to the 116th National Day Royal Address and being a part of the celebration.

Tshering Tshomo, MP (National Council) Zhemgang

Bhutan’s National Day is not only a celebration of our nation’s sovereignty and independence, but it is also a special day for us to reflect on the progress that we have made under the visionary leadership of our Kings. Our journey towards development has always been guided by the dynamic leadership of our monarchs, who have placed the well-being and happiness of our people at the forefront. His Majesty’s unwavering commitment to Gross National Happiness has set Bhutan apart as a beacon of hope and aspiration for the world.

As we celebrate the 116th National Day, I take this great moment to express my gratitude to His Majesty the King, who continues to guide and inspire us through His wisdom and compassion. His Majesty’s tireless efforts to promote sustainable development and take care of every citizen, like his own children, deserve our utmost appreciation. “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Damchoe Dorji, Gup (Khamaed, Gasa)

Joining together to celebrate our 116th National Day, we, the people of Bhutan, are marking a historic occasion that honors a pivotal historic point as well as a chance for the people to celebrate our national identity, culture, and values. The day is marked by feelings of solidarity, patriotism, and awareness about the history of our country and how our Wangchuck dynasty has preserved it for future generations.

Sangay Lhendup, BCSE Topper (Finance Service)

National Day marks the dawn of an extraordinary era, forging eternal peace and harmony in Bhutan’s illustrious history. With the advent of the Wangchuck dynasty, the foundations of modern Bhutan were laid. Embracing monarchy, our nation blossomed with serenity, stability, and tranquility. Guided by four visionary Kings, we underwent remarkable social and political transformations. On this 116th National Day, a resounding wishes for boundless joy and felicity to all.

Yeshey Pelden, BCSE Topper (Administrative Service)

The celebration of this day is not merely a commemoration but a testament to the unbreakable unity, cultural richness, and profound bond that unites every Bhutanese by soul and heart, no matter where they are.

Nidup Dorji, Student (Chandigarh University, India)

Although Bhutanese National Day is celebrated as the coronation day of Druk Gyalpo Ugyen Wangchuck, who became the first King of Bhutan in 1907, I consider it an opportunity to reflect on the nation’s goals and aspirations, evaluate the progress made, and chart the course for the future. Let’s celebrate National Day not just for the past but to build a brighter, happier future for Bhutan.

Pema Lhazom & Dechen Palden, Lungo, Gasa

On this momentous 116th National Day, let us stand united as one proud nation, celebrating the hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment of His Majesty the King. This day holds immense significance as we express our deep gratitude and pay homage to the visionaries who have paved the way for a prosperous Bhutan. Happy National Day to every Bhutanese as we hoist our flags high and embrace the spirit of unity, progress, and national pride!

 Tshering Zangmo, BCSE 4th position (Technical category)

National Day marks the historic moment of pride that made us “One Nation, One People” more than 100 years ago. Moreover, the event brings us together to celebrate and thank the endeavors our Kings have taken to protect and safeguard the citizens.

 Jigme Tshewang, Gup (Lauri, Samdrup Jongkhar)

When everybody is gearing up to celebrate National Day, similarly, in my gewog too, we are eagerly waiting for the day to celebrate. National Day is a time for all Bhutanese citizens to come together as one, celebrating our history, culture, and the harmonious coexistence that makes Bhutan truly special. We are working closely with people, distributing flags, and guiding citizens to hoist the national flag in each household. “The flag-hoisting endeavor will no doubt deepen our collective sense of pride and unity as we face the future as a united nation.”

Deki Zam, CEO Draktsho Vocational Training Centre

National Day is celebrated to remember what our great monarchs have accomplished and achieved for the citizens of the country and how thankful and blessed we are to be Bhutanese, a “Drukpa.” Happy National Day!

Namgay Tshering, student at South Asian University (SAU), New Delhi

Bhutan’s National Day is a treasure beyond compare. It is a day where Bhutan’s significant occasions, celebrating unity, independence, and progress culminates. It serves as a powerful reminder of our rich heritage and the visionary quest for a harmonious, prosperous future and it is the most exciting day for every citizen, where citizens eagerly anticipate wise counsel from His Majesty the King.

Namgay Tshering, Orthopedic (Wangdu Hospital)

National Day is a powerful testament to our unwavering unity, unwavering strength, and boundless happiness. It is a profound celebration of our independence as a sovereign nation proudly flourishing under the illustrious Wangchuck Dynasty. This is our 116th National Day, a monumental occasion to be shared and heralded across the country.

 Tshering Dorji, Teacher (Tsangkha CS, Trongsa)

People before the Monarchy were ruled by Desi and Poenlops. There was no harmony. Only after the verification of Bhutan by Jigme Namgyel and coronation of Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck did the country become stable. Since 1907, Wangchuck Dynasty has been ruling the country and it is due to their dynamic reign, the country is in peace. Therefore, it is a day to thank Their Majesties.

Pema Zangmo, Student (Peljorling HSS, Samtse)

National Day is a very important event in the lives of all Bhutanese people. On this day, our first Druk Gyalpo united the country and established the Wangchuck Dynasty. It is a day to thank our Wangchuck Dynasty. We are fully prepared to celebrate the day and have even arranged TV to watch the Royal Address from the celebrated grounds of Changlingmithang in Thimphu. We thank the Wangchuck Dynasty and pray for their long lives, and may peace and happiness flourish in our country. “WE WISH A VERY HAPPY 116TH NATIONAL DAY TO ALL.”

Pema Lhamo from Canberra, Australia

National Day, the 17th of December every year, is not only a day to cherish and commemorate the coronation of the very first monarch but also a day to pay tribute to our monarchy. It is simply not a day-long program to celebrate; rather, it’s a day we reflect on ourselves as Bhutanese. It is time for all of us to act as one, to be united as always, and to embrace the act of the one and only unsung hero, the succession of monarchs. Despite the fact that we are currently living abroad, we are just as excited as all Bhutanese to celebrate the day.

Nidup Lhamo from Thimphu