The party betrayed me –MP Ritu Raj Chhetri

The recent announcement made by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), declaring seven new candidates for the 2018 elections, has not gone down well with the current Member of Parliament (MP), Ritu Raj Chhetri from Trashichhoeling constituency in Samtse.

PDP announced last week that MP Ritu Raj Chhetri, who contested as a PDP candidate in 2008 and 2013, will be replaced by former National Council member Sangay Khandu in the 2018 elections.

Talking to Business Bhutan, MP Ritu Raj Chhetri said he had given his heart and soul to the party, and contributed a lot for the party even if it meant not being able to give much time to his family.

“Despite that the party betrayed me which not only shocked me but my family and also my voters. The PM maybe answerable to my voters,” he said.

The MP also maintained that he had always visited his constituency twice a year as mandated by the ROP to a maximum of two months after each session.

“The Prime Minister called me once and the only reason he gave me was that according to his unidentified sources people did not like me from my constituency and he did not want to lose that constituency. I was also alleged of not visiting my constituency by citing or rather magnifying one incidence when I could not make it to my constituency as I was sick and admitted to a hospital in Bangkok for about three months,” he explained.

According to the MP, he had secured the highest votes then when he won the election in 2013 and also secured the highest votes even when he lost the first election in 2008.

MP Ritu Raj Chhetri said he would have backed out in the larger interest of the country if the par

ty had a better candidate.

“But when he (Sangay Khandu) was a regional coordinator of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT), he had made hate speeches not only against the party but also against our former president and now he has been taken as a candidate. On one hand the government is accusing DPT for sedition and on the other hand roping in candidates from DPT, which does not seem to go hand in hand as you are trying to say two things at the same time,” he added.

As an MP, Ritu Raj Chhetri said he was the face of the party and had tabled three bills out of the total four in the 10th Session of the Parliament, served as the chairman of three committees out of the total ten committees and also as the media focal person, member of the National Judicial Commission and Chair of the National Committee.

“Name any ad hoc and joint committees, I was always there,” he said, adding that he was one of the least travelled MPs despite all his contributions when it comes to benefits.

Ritu Raj Chhetri said, “I served people as my passion and being an MP was not bread and butter for me. I was doing well with my previous profession as a lawyer.”

Chencho Dema from Thimphu