A candidate alleges DPT of deception and defamation

A candidate, who claimed has been endorsed by Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) to represent the party in the 2018 elections from Sompangkha constituency in Sarpang since August 2017, has alleged DPT of betrayal, deception and defamation.

According to the candidate, San Bdr Monger, he was to be declared as the DPT candidate from Sompangkha constituency as per the declaration date, which was set right after the National Council elections 2018.

However, San Bdr Monger said DPT silently declared another candidate on May 15 this year.

In a press conference held yesterday by San Bdr Monger and his brother MB Monger, San Bdr Monger said they had accepted the DPT’s proposal to represent the party based on mutual agreement by both parties to keep confidential about the deal till the NC elections were over and that there will be no condition of proposing any other candidates at any cost by DPT and no withdrawal of candidature till NC elections were over at any cost from the candidate’s side.

It was also mentioned that the endorsement of candidate was conducted on August 7, 2017 internally in the presence of DPT president and Lotsham Committee at Hotel Lotus in Thimphu town with the presentation of introduction speech by Kamal Dhan Chamling and San Bdr Monger followed by evening tea and dinner.

But with DPT declaring another candidate from Sompangkha constituency, San Bdr Monger wants DPT to compensate him for the loss of opportunities to join other parties, for remaining jobless for around 11 months, for the loss of opportunities to go abroad with wife for further studies and job, loss of energy, money and resources by telephone calling for internal campaigning with friends, relatives and prospective voters, and for betrayal, deception and defamation.

San Bdr Monger said he stayed without job for 10 months after the deal made on August 2017, expecting the declaration from DPT which was to me made right after the NC elections. “I missed many opportunities to join other parties and job,” he added.

San Bdr Monger’s brother, MB Monger, said his brother had received offer from other parties too, but they did not accept the offer to maintain principles of a good human being.

“I have attended several meetings for candidate’s declaration and support. Further, I also approached the DPT president informing him about rumors of introducing another candidate replacing my brother, but the president assured a confirmation of ticket on March 15 this year at DPT’s office and advised not to move anywhere,” MB Monger said. “We have also lost huge money by calling friends and supporters to promote DPT every month.”

He added that leading a country is not a job of a child. “If a leader can’t keep their words, then how the president of DPT can/will rule the country.”

Yenten Thinley from Thimphu