The New Muscle Factory: an upcoming franchise gym

The New Muscle Factory: an upcoming franchise gym

A dream project, the most awaited New Muscle Factory with an investment of more than Nu eight crores is almost complete. Located near the pension colony behind Shopper’s store the two-storied gym is spread over 11,200sq.ft. It is one of the luxury gyms ever to be built in the country.

Sangay Tsheltrim, former Mr. Asia, silver medalist and gold medalist at the 50th Asian Body-building and Physique Sports Championships and also the owner of the Muscle factory said it is his pet project and he does not want to compromise on the quality in terms of equipment or construction materials.

“The new muscle factory will be a happening place for health fitness lovers and it is no less than a franchise gym,” he said. 

The upcoming gym, which will replace the old Muscle Factory at Changzamtog,  is not only spacious but will also have a cafeteria for the clients along with spa, sauna and shower.

The new muscle factory will be offering weight training, cross fit, zumba, boxing, dance classes, supplement and gym accessories, free guidance and diet plan and certified freelance personal trainer.

Thanks to inexpensive memberships, the gym has already garnered over more than 300 members and expects to garner a minimum of 500 members with the new opening.

The owner being a fitness enthusiast himself and an influencer for fitness lovers is a prime reason for the whooping number of memberships.

Another reason are the brand Ambassadors Sangay Tsheltrim has for his Muscle factory. They are Bhutanese film celebrities with names including Bhutanes film fraternity and football stars such as Tandin Sonam, Sonam Tenzin (Sergyel), Chencho Gyeltshen, Sherub Lhamo and Tshering Yangki.

The offer rate pre-opening will be Nu 20,500 yearly, 15,500 half yearly, Nu 10,500 quarterly and Nu 4,000 monthly. If anyone enrolls now, there is a one time offer to get free membership in the present gym and full membership once shifted to the new muscle factory.

Corporate rates are Nu 18,500 (minimum of 25 members), Nu 15,500 (minimum of 50 members), Nu 10,500 (100 plus members).

However, the rate after opening will be Nu 30,500 yearly, Nu 20,500 half yearly, Nu 15,500 quarterly and 5,500 monthly. 

The new muscle factory will have 48 lockers of which 28 lockers can be privatized after paying Nu 1,000 per month and the clients can avail a towel every day.

The muscle factory has 10 trainers of which two are female trainers for Zumba and dance class. In total it has 25 staff. The old Muscle factory was started back in 2015 after he won the Mr. Asian title. The inauguration in slated tentatively for October.  

Chencho Dema from Thimphu