As Samtse town develops, business declines

As Samtse town develops, businesses in town are not doing very well. With increasing number of shops and other services, daily sales are on a decline. Most businessmen in town said that the opening of Phuentsholing-Samtse National Highway has prompted people of northern Samste like Dorokha, Denchukha Dungtoed, Panbari and Khempagaun to travel to Phuentsholing. […]

Sprinkles to address childhood anemia and stunting

To address childhood anemia and stunting, the Ministry of Health, with support of UNICEF launched ‘Sprinkles’ – a micronutrient powder, which can be easily mixed at home to make food more nutritious for children. The powder will address childhood Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) and stunting.   Sprinkles, a blend of 15 vitamins and minerals packed in […]

The New Muscle Factory: an upcoming franchise gym

A dream project, the most awaited New Muscle Factory with an investment of more than Nu eight crores is almost complete. Located near the pension colony behind Shopper’s store the two-storied gym is spread over 11,200sq.ft. It is one of the luxury gyms ever to be built in the country. Sangay Tsheltrim, former Mr. Asia, […]