Samtse voters decide to make choice after door-to-door campaign

Voters in Samtse are yet to decide which candidates they should elect in the upcoming elections.

Given many stronger and capable candidates this time, they say they will make their choice once aspiring candidates are done with their door-to-door campaign. Voters say they will first scan the pledges and the capabilities of their candidates.

“With more competent parties and candidates, it’s difficult to decide at an instant. We have to scan the pledges and see whether they can fulfill. Then we will decide,” said 61-year-old Dhan Maya Subba from Sangachholinggewog. She says she has nine family members, who are eligible to vote this year.

While some voters have limited knowledge about the pledges of political parties and the biography of candidates, others are yet to know them. Instead they are waiting for the candidates to begin door-to-door campaign before the election. They say they would hear the pledges and cast their vote for the best party. Meanwhile, most voters are not even aware of their candidates and the parties.

Some voters say they look forward to seeing more developments in their constituencies.

“We have most of the facilities in place now. But still there are some loopholes to be filled. Whoever makes doable promises, we will see,” another voter, TejayLimbu, 56 from Deepiling, said.

Unlike the last two elections, however, people say it’s challenging this year in selecting the right candidate.

“Now, the parties have become stronger. All of them are strong and capable. We have to choose the right party and it’s going to be tough,” K.B. Subba, 70, said.

“We will look at their pledges and decide. So we are waiting,” he added.

Meanwhile, blacktopping of the farm roads, continuous water supply and financial assistance for the villagers for agro based industries are some issues that the voters want to be addressed. Others feel self sufficiency and sustainability of the country as most important.

“We have all the facilities in place. Now it’s time for the parties to think bigger than mere facilities, which we already have. That’s why we have to listen to their pledges,” a farmer in Laptsakha said.

Meanwhile, People’s Democratic Party’s president TsheringTobgay has visited Samtse this week, which is also considered as a PDP’s stronghold. Candidates from PDP have won in the last general election from all four constituencies in Samtse. DrukPhuensumTshogpa president PemaGyamtsho also visited Dophugchen-Tading constituency in Samtse this week.

Samtse has around 47,360 eligible voters.

Krishna Ghalley from Samtse